6:190-AP2 Co-Curricular Clubs, Athletics and Activities


For the purpose of this policy, a co-curricular is defined as a student club, sport, or activity that takes place outside of the regular school day.

Starting a New Co-Curricular:

A new co-curricular must present a proposal for approval before it will be recognized as an official school organization.  A proposal for a new co-curricular shall be submitted to the Building Principal or designee. There is one deadline each semester for new club applications. 

  • 1st semester: October 1st
  • 2nd semester: February 15th

 At a minimum, the proposal should include the following:

  1. Name of the sponsor(s)- at least one of which must be a faculty member.
  2. Purpose of the organization
  3. Proposed activities (meetings, events, competitions, etc.)
  4. Names of students interested in participating.
  5. Participation fees or dues, if applicable.
  6. Sponsor compensation, if any.


Each proposal will be reviewed by the school’s leadership team.  Following approval of the new co-curricular, the sponsor will submit a written charter for the organization which will contain the following:

  1. Name of organization
  2. Statement of purpose
  3. Organizational structure
  4. Membership information
  5. Participation fees and dues, if applicable
  6. Member responsibilities/expectations
  7. Means of student accountability
  8. List of activities
  9. Means of evaluating effectiveness

Compensation of Sponsors:

Co-curricular sponsors may be paid or volunteer (unpaid) as was approved at the inception of the club or activity.  Volunteer sponsorships may be converted to paid sponsorships through approval by the stipend committee.

Payments to and compensation of volunteer sponsors is prohibited. Donations or fundraising proceeds shall not be used to compensate sponsors in any way.

Participation Fees and Dues:

Co-curriculars with paid sponsors shall be assessed a participation fee per Board policy 4:142 School Fees.  Proceeds from participation fees shall be deposited into District revenue accounts and used to offset costs for paid sponsors.  Co-curriculars with volunteer sponsors shall not be assessed a participation fee.

Co-curriculars may elect to charge participation dues to pay for events, equipment and materials related to their organizational purpose.  Participation dues must be assessed in accordance with Board policy 4:142Student Fees.

Operating Guidelines:

The co-curricular sponsor(s) must adhere to all District policies and operating procedures to ensure that:

  1. Students’ participation does not interfere with academics.
  2. The safety and welfare of the students is adequately safeguarded.
  3. All events have proper planning, direction, and supervision.
  4. Fundraising activities are pre-approved and proceeds used only for the express purposes.
  5. All organizational funds are handled properly.
  6. Clubs and activities are assessed regularly, relative to its stated purpose and goals.
  7. Facilities and equipment are used safely and as intended, and maintained in proper condition.

Facility Usage:

All facility usage must be scheduled, coordinated and approved according to facility management procedures.  Users must adhere to the facility usage guidelines or risk revocation of user privileges.

Cross Reference:

4:142 Student Fees

4:090 Activity Funds

7:325 Student Fundraising Activities

Date Approved:  February 19, 2014

Date Amended:  November 15, 2016

Date Amended: July 19, 2022