Student Fees

The Board of Education allocates resources to maintain quality schools for the community in part by offering activities, programs and services for students that extend beyond the State of Illinois’ required minimum level for a free public education.

In order to provide these additional programs and services, the Board has established fees to be paid by the participant in order to offset the costs of providing such programs and services.

Student Registration Fees

Families are responsible to pay a student registration fee to defray costs for consumable, instructional materials for each child enrolled in school during the current school year as follows:

  • Pre-Kindergarten: $60
  • Kindergarten: $135
  • Grades 1st – 5th: $155
  • Grades 6th – 8th: $140
  • Grades 9th – 12th: $168.50

Refunds are issued on a prorated basis if the student is dis-enrolled.

Other School Fees

Individual schools may establish other fees based on their programming. School fees noted as “required” are subject to the District’s waiver policy. “Optional” fees are not subject to the waiver policy.

Required school fees include course fees, PE uniforms, etc. If a student participates in an extra-curricular activity, additional required fees may be assessed.

Examples of optional fees include technology device protection plan, calculators, yearbooks, admission to social events, or travel for recreational activities.

Students will be charged for library fines and other costs incurred as a result of loss, misuse, destruction or replacement of school property.

Waiver of School Fees

Students will not be denied educational service or academic credit due to the inability of parents/guardians to pay fees and charges.  Students whose parents are unable to afford fees may request a waiver. Applications for fee waivers may be submitted by a student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) who have been charged a fee.

Waiver requests may be submitted on a household basis. A child who is “directly certified” or is “categorically eligible” automatically qualifies for a school fee waiver without submission of an Application for Fee Waiver.  Parents who are applying for a waiver, have qualified for free meals, or who have been “directly certified” should not make a fee payment until eligibility for a waiver has been established.

Non-Payment of Fees

Families will be charged a $25.00 processing fee for each check that is not honored upon presentation to the financial institution. Delinquent accounts may be assessed late fees and turned over to a collection agency.