Student Services Meeting

On May 14, 2019, from 9 to 10 a.m., a meeting conducted by Batavia Public School District 101 Student Services Department will be taking place at the Administrative Building, 335 W. Wilson Batavia, Ill.  The purpose of the meeting will be to review and discuss the District’s responsibilities for providing special education services to students with disabilities who attend private/parochial schools, and/or who are home-schooled, within the district for the 2019/20 school year. If you have any questions pertaining to this meeting and/or to RSVP, please contact the Student Services office at (630) 937-8836.

Student Records Destruction

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to the Illinois School Student Records Act, that the Batavia Public School District 101 will destroy the following categories of records commencing July 2019: Special Education Records for students born prior to 1995 or for students who were enrolled in Special Education programs and have either graduated or have withdrawn from the Batavia Public School District prior to June 2014. Students and their parents/guardians shall be afforded an opportunity to inspect and/or receive student records or any information contained therein during regular office hours by contacting the Student Services Secretary at (630) 937-8836 during regular office hours.

Selective Service Notice

The Selective Service System requires all young men to register within 30 days before or after their 18th birthday. You may register online at By federal law, military recruiters and institutions of higher education are entitled to a list of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of high school students unless you object to such release.

Asbestos Notification

Batavia School District 101 has been inspected for asbestos containing materials in our schools. As part of our annual asbestos management plan update, we are providing this notification. It is our intent to provide all the information for dealing with asbestos to parents, students and staff as recommended by the Environmental protection Agency and the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Pest Management Notification

Batavia School District 101 practices Integrated Pest Management, a program that combines preventive techniques, non-chemical pest control methods, and the appropriate use of pesticides with a preference for products that are the least harmful to human health and the environment. Applications of pesticides are made only when deemed necessary to control a pest problem and after trying other means to control the problem. The term “pesticide” includes insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, and fungicides.

We have a registry of parents who will be notified in the event of pesticide applications based on their permissions selected in PowerSchool. Please be advised, if there is an immediate threat to health or property that requires treatment before notification can be sent out, parents will receive notification as soon as possible.

Special Education Disproportionality Status Report

In January 2017, BPS101 was determined to have disproportionate representation based on race and ethnicity in the identification of students in special education overall and/or in one or more disability categories. This determination was based on annual data submitted by BPS101 to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE).

In order for ISBE to determine if disproportionality is due to inappropriate identification, the District was required to review and analyze student data at the District and individual building levels and complete the Special Education Disproportionality District Self-Assessment or status report provided by ISBE. The purpose of this self-assessment/status report was to examine systemic factors that may impact the disproportionate identification of students in specific racial/ethnic groups.

As a District, we took the following action steps to ensure that we are not over-identifying students in specific racial/ethnic groups with disabilities:

BPS101 developed a process for curricular review that includes administration, teachers, and the Board of Education. English Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum is aligned to the New Illinois Learning Standards (Common Core). Science curriculum is currently under review and new curricula is being written that is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. Social Studies curriculum is also under review and the team is looking toward the C3 Framework for Social Studies for alignment, awaiting its approval and adoption by the state of Illinois.

We carefully monitor the progress of all of our students using a variety of measures including MAP data, Fountas & Pinnel & Aimsweb. We have grade-level problem-solving teams who first identify students not meeting grade-level standards. They work together to begin the intervention process immediately. If a student does not respond to interventions, they are adjusted and typically referred to the Building Level Team for additional support and consideration for a special education evaluation.

We offer five preschool screening days throughout the year. In addition, we work closely with our local community preschools to ensure that we are identifying students with disabilities that are under the age of five. We have our own EI Coordinator who works closely with the school district and Day One Next work to transition students from EI to the preschool setting as soon as they turn three years old.

ISBE completed its review of the self-assessment/status report that BPS101 submitted. In conducting this review, ISBE examined the information contained in the narrative for each of the focus areas (Curriculum and Instruction, Child Find, Initial Evaluation and Re-evaluation, Eligibility Determination, and Individualized Education Program) and the District’s discussion of its conclusions.

Based on the review of the information submitted, the ISBE determined that, although the District has disproportionality, the disproportionality is not the result of inappropriate identification. For more information, contact Lisa Palese, BPS101 Director of Student Services and Homeless Liaison.