Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the recruitment, hiring, and assignment of all employees of the District, with the approval of the Superintendent and the Board of Education.


Collective Bargaining Agreements

New Hires

Vacancies by Location

District/ Elementary School

  • Teacher Grade 4 H C Storm Elementary
  • Lunchroom Aide Substitutes All Elementary Schools
  • Lunchroom Aide GMW (5 days/week)
  • Lunchroom Aide AGS (5 days/week)
  • Lunchroom Aide HWS (5 days/week)
  • Special Education Paraprofessional ECC 1.0 FTE
  • Special Education Paraprofessional  JBN .50 FTE
  • Building Substitute Teacher GMS

Rotolo Middle School

  • Language Arts Teacher (LOA 10/25/17 – 2/3/18)

Batavia High School

  • Special Education Paraprofessional 1.0
  • Rosalie Jones Administration Center
  • Level I Desktop Support Technician
  • Homebound Tutors (must hold state PEL) Please obtain paperwork from Human Resources


**LOA is an acronym for Leave of Absence.  These positions are paid at a daily rate of $125/per day.**