School Supply Lists

Grades K-5

General school supplies for grades K-5 will be provided by the school.  Students are still responsible for bringing personal items (shown below).  There is no additional fee for school supplies, which is now incorporated into student registration fees ($150).

Early Childhood

Students in the Early Childhood Program, pre-K, at Alice Gustafson School do have a school supply request list. The details can be found HERE.

Rotolo Middle School

Supply lists can be found HERE.

Batavia High School

Students should arrive at school prepared to learn with pens/pencils, a notebook, headphones/earbuds, and their fully charged Chromebook. Some courses may require additional supplies, which will be requested by the teacher either before the start of school or during the semester.

Additional Elementary Supplies

  • Primary grades (K-1) should provide a weather-appropriate change of clothes (shirt, shorts, pants, socks, underwear) in a named, zip-locked bag to keep at school. 
Kindergarten Grades 1 -5
  • 1 backpack (no wheels, no drawstrings, minimal pockets)
  • 1 pair of over-the-ear headphones
  • 1 backpack (no wheels, no drawstrings, minimal pockets)
  • 1 pair of headphones OR earbuds (based on child’s preference)
  • 1 over-sized paint T-shirt
  • 1 pair of gym shoes (to be left at school)