High-Ability Services –Gifted and Talented Education

Batavia Public Schools services for high-ability students support the whole child, academically, socially, and emotionally. Personalized and flexible services include appropriate rigor and result in student engagement that fosters continuous growth and learning.

Core Values

  •  A culture that embraces a growth-mindset and allows for productive struggle is an essential component of the learning process.
  •  A supportive environment teaches communication, collaboration, and perseverance, fosters creative problem-solving, and sparks curiosity.
  •  All students are individuals with unique needs and thrive in an environment that recognizes and responds to their academic, social, and emotional needs.
  •  Student self-efficacy and advocacy are fundamental skills that must be developed and supported through the learning process.
  •  Purposeful assessments support the growth of students through high-quality feedback, self-reflection, and student ownership of the learning process.  
  •  Collaboration and two-way communication are essential to the success of the learning community and is inclusive of parents, teachers, students, and the community

Purpose of Services

The purpose of the high-ability education services in Batavia Public Schools, District #101, is to challenge and motivate academically advanced leaders and engage them in appropriately differentiated learning experiences to develop their unique abilities  regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, disability or socioeconomic status.


Primary Identification Process

During the third grade year, our high-ability teachers will work in small groups with all third grade students. This allows us to identify students who may not meet traditional qualification criteria but would benefit from being included in high-ability services, specifically math. In the winter of third grade, the district begins the primary identification process for formal high ability services in third grade. Using the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment, the District identifies those students who have consistently scored at or above the 95th percentile in math, reading, and in both subject areas for services in fourth grade. 

Secondary Identification Process

The District’s primary identification process is a mass screening of students who fit the profile of students who may benefit from high-ability services. This process is based on achievement test results and may not identify all students who would benefit from services. To this end, a secondary identification process can be initiated by parents and/or teachers. This process is more individualized and can use additional achievement, ability, and/or aptitude tests as information for decision-making. Contact the high-ability teacher at the school to begin the process.  Please note that all decisions are final and not appealable outside the building level.

Grade 4 & 5 Services


Students identified as high-ability in reading, math or math and reading, will be grouped into a grade-level classroom. This allows for differentiation, a peer group, and for targeted professional development for staff working with this group of students. The other members of the classroom will be a heterogeneous group of students or grouped for other types of services. 

Enrichment Reading

Students identified as high-ability in reading will be provided guided, differentiated reading instruction as a part of their core instruction. Classroom teachers will use Jr. Great Books and/or Jacob’s Ladder among other resources to enrich the experience of students. The high-ability teacher will support the classroom teacher and may also use push-in or pull-out instruction to augment core instruction and enrichment. 

Enrichment Math

Students identified as high-ability in math will be provided curriculum compacting starting in 4th  grade. Delivered by the high-ability teacher, students will complete 4th and 5th grade math concepts. Successful students would complete  6th grade standards during his/her 5th grade year.  At the middle school level level, students would be in Advanced Math (Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Intermediate Algebra). 

Secondary Services

While we continue to provide enrichment and/or honors-type courses at the secondary level (grades 6-12), these services become more open to non-identified high ability students that are looking for a challenge. Procedures and placement will be communicated by the middle and high school as a part of the course-selection process. Please note that all decisions are final and not appealable outside the building level.


Procedures for acceleration, including early entrance to kindergarten, early entrance to first grade, partial or full-grade acceleration, are available in Batavia Public Schools.

More information can be found on the district website and linked here.