Important Back-to-School Reminders:

  • Please check PowerSchool the night before school begins on Wed., August 18, 2021, for your child’s most up-to-date route information.
  • Be patient the first couple of weeks of school as drivers acclimate to their routes.
  • Have your students at their stop 10 minutes early.
  • Please refrain from reporting a late bus until 10 to 15 minutes after normal pick-up time.
  • The District does not guarantee bus stop locations or routes from year to year. The District may change bus stop locations and routes to ensure centralized stops and bus capacities to maintain the efficiency of all our routes.
  • According to ​the Illinois School Code, bus stops may be up to 1.5 miles from a student’s residence. While the District does not require students to walk this far to a bus stop, students may need to travel one or more blocks to the closest centralized bus stop. Bus stops will be more frequent and located closer to students’ homes at the elementary level. Middle and high school students may be expected to walk further to the closest bus stop.


We value the safety and security of your child and strive in our daily efforts to ensure safe travel to and from school buildings. This page offers responses to common questions and District expectations for our bus riders.

If you require further assistance, please contact the Transportation Department at (630) 937-8837 or e-mail us at For the safety and security of your student, bus routes are not published publicly.


Key Topics:

*Paid Busing is not available for the 2021-22 School Year.