Report a Late Bus or Missed Stop

Some circumstances such as weather, traffic, and other unforeseen incidents may cause delays. Please give the bus 10 to 15 minutes beyond the normal pick up time before calling the Transportation Department at (630) 937-8837 to report a late or missing bus. The first few days of school, the PM routes will run a little behind as staff members are helping students find their correct bus.  

How early should my child be at the bus stop?
Students should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the bus is due. In order to maintain a dependable time schedule, bus drivers have been directed not to wait for tardy students.

How can I look up my child’s bus route?
Routes may be found on the Transportation tab in Powerschool. Routes will be placed in PowerSchool up to three days prior to the first day of school. We ask that parents check PowerSchool the night before school begins in case a change had to be made to their students’ route.