6:015 School Accountability

According to the Illinois General Assembly, the primary purpose of schooling is the transmission of knowledge and culture through which students learn in areas necessary to their continuing development and entry into the world of work. To fulfill that purpose, the Ill. State Board of Education (ISBE) prepared State Goals for Learning with accompanying Illinois Learning Standards.

The School Board gives priority in the allocation of resources, including funds, time, personnel, and facilities, to fulfilling this purpose.

Quality Assurance

The Board continuously monitors student achievement and the quality of the District’s work. The Superintendent shall supervise the following quality assurance components, in accordance with State law and ISBE rules, and continuously keep the Board informed:

  1. Prepare each school’s annual recognition application and quality assurance appraisal, whether internal or external, to assess each school’s continuous school improvement.
  2. Continuously assess the District’s and each school’s overall performance in terms of both academic success and equity. This includes, without limitation, a thorough analysis of ISBE’s balanced accountability measure and each school’s Multiple Measure Index and corresponding Annual Measurable Objective provided by ISBE.
  3. If applicable, develop District and School Improvement Plans, present them for Board approval and supervise their implementation.
  4. Prepare a school report card, present it at a regular Board meeting, and disseminate it as provided in State law.
  5. In accordance with 105 ILCS 5/2-3.153, annually administer a climate survey on the instructional environment within the school to, at minimum, students in grades 4 through 12 and teachers.

Cross Reference: 

6:170 Title I Programs

6:340 Student Testing and Assessment Program

7:010 Equal Educational Opportunities

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Date Adopted:   April 8, 2008

Date Amended:  February 7, 2017

Date Amended:  January 25, 2022