6:020 School Year Calendar and Day

School Calendar

The Board of Education, upon the Superintendent’s recommendation and subject to State regulations, annually establishes the dates for opening and closing classes, teacher institutes and in-services, the length and dates of vacations, and the days designated as legal school holidays.  The school calendar shall have a minimum of 185 days to ensure 176 days of student attendance.

Commemorative Holidays

The teachers shall include instruction relative to commemorative persons, activities or events as designated in School Code on the commemorative holiday or at any other time during the school year and at any point in the curriculum when such instruction is deemed appropriate.  The Board of Education may, from time to time, designate a regular school day as a commemorative holiday.

School Day

The Board of Education establishes the length of the school day with the recommendation of the Superintendent and subject to State law requirements, the Superintendent or designee shall ensure compliance with observances required by State law are followed during each day of school attendance.

Cross Reference: 

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Date Adopted: 04/28/2015