6:290 Homework

Homework is an instructional strategy that can enhance the learning process. The term “homework” refers to any type of independent practice or other assignment which is likely to be completed outside of the class period.

The primary purpose of homework is independent practice (direct parental assistance is not required) of a taught skill/concept; however, homework can also serve as …

  • Application of a taught skill/concept
  • Enrichment or extension of skills/concepts taught in school
  • Formative assessment of a student’s understanding of a skill/concept
  • Building background knowledge for new skills/concepts
  • Feedback to students about their acquisition of the learning target
  • Extended practice of skill/concept taught that students have a solid grasp of the skill or concept

Homework should have clearly defined learning targets and activities that are developmentally and completion time appropriate for the age and ability of the student. Homework should provide for differentiation to meet the student’s learning needs.

Homework should not be assigned for disciplinary purposes and should be consistent with the Board’s policy on Grading and Promotion and Student Testing and Assessment.

Date Adopted: 02/28/2006

Date Amended: 02/26/2013