4:142 Student Fees

The Batavia Board of Education allocates resources to maintain quality schools for the community in part by offering activities, programs and services for students that extend beyond the State of Illinois’ required minimum level for a free public education.  In order to provide these additional programs and services, it is sometimes necessary for the Board to establish a fee paid by the participant in order to offset the costs of providing such programs and services.

To this end, the Board of Education has established the following:

  1. Registration and participation fees may only be established by the Board in a regularly scheduled public meeting. The administration may establish course fees based on cost of consumable materials related to the course.
  2. Textbook rental (105 ILCS 5/10-22.25), instructional program expenses, and service expenses of the schools that exceed the minimum may be partially or fully passed on to parents and/or students as registration fees.
  3. School event admission fees shall be incorporated into registration fees.
  4. Extra curricular activities and after school programs should be financially supported to the extent possible by participating students as participation fees.
  5. No discrimination or punishment of any kind, including the lowering of grades or exclusion from classes, will be exercised against a student whose parents or guardians are unable to purchase required textbooks or instructional materials or to pay required fees. (105 ILCS 5/28-19.2(a)).
  6. Individual students and parents will be required to pay for loss of or damage to textbooks, lab materials and school property beyond reasonable wear and use by students.
  7. The district shall provide registration cost to each student before registration, along with fee waiver policies and procedures for obtaining waivers and appeals for denial of waiver.
  8. Fees may be charged, subject to provisions of fee waivers, in connection with any school sponsored activity which does not take place during the regular school day, regardless of the age or grade level of the student, if participation is voluntary and does not affect a student’s grade or ability to participate fully in any course taught during the regular school day.

Date Adopted:   June 22, 2010