4:110 Transportation

The District shall provide free transportation for any student in the District who resides:

(1) at a distance of one and one-half miles or more from their assigned schools, unless the Board has certified to the Illinois State Board of Education that adequate public transportation is available; or

(2) if adequate public transportation is not available within one and one-half miles from his or her assigned schools where walking to school or to a pick-up point or bus stop would constitute a serious safety hazard due to either (a) vehicular traffic or rail crossing or (b) a course or pattern of criminal activity, as defined in the III. Streetgang Terrorism Omnibus Prevention Act, 740 ILCS 147/.  The District may provide transportation for other students residing within one and one-half miles from their assigned school.  A student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) may file a petition with the School Board requesting transportation due to the existence of a serious safety hazard.  Free transportation services and vehicle adaptation for special education students shall be provided if included in the students’ individualized educational programs.  Non-public school students shall be transported in accordance with State law. Homeless students shall be transported in accordance with the Section 45/1-15 of the Education for Homeless Children Act.  Foster care students shall be transported in accordance with Section 6312(c)(5)(B) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Bus schedules and routes shall be determined by the Superintendent or designee and shall be altered only with the Superintendent or designee’s approval and direction.  In setting the routes, the pick-up and discharge points should be as safe for students as possible.

No school employee may transport students in school or private vehicles unless authorized by the administration.

Every vehicle regularly used for the transportation of students must pass safety inspections in accordance with State law and Illinois Department of Transportation regulations. The strobe light on a school bus may be illuminated only when the bus is actually being used as a school bus and (1) is stopping or stopped for loading or discharging students on a highway outside an urban area, or (2) is bearing one or more students.  The Superintendent shall implement procedures in accordance with State law for accepting comment calls about school bus driving.

Paid Busing for Non-eligible Students

Students not eligible for free transportation may ride a school bus for a fee, space permitting.  The cost for paid bussing shall be determined annually by the Superintendent or designee based upon the cost of operating each bus route at operating capacity.

Electronic Recordings on School Buses

Student behavior on the school bus and the driver’s management of that behavior are the two key elements to a safe bus ride. Electronic visual and audio equipment may be utilized on buses serving District students for the purpose of assisting administration, the bus company and its drivers in providing for this safe school bus environment. The electronic visual and audio equipment serves as an aid to monitor bus discipline. It does not replace the discipline policy, the authority of the driver, the authority of school officials to deal with bus discipline issues, or the authority of bus company supervisors to deal with bus driver discipline issues.

Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Vehicle Inspection

The Superintendent or designee shall develop and implement a pre-trip and post-trip inspection procedure to ensure that the school bus driver: (1) tests the two-way radio and ensures that it is functioning properly before the bus is operated, and (2) walks to the rear of the bus before leaving the bus at the end of each route, work shift, or work day, to check the bus for children or other passengers in the bus.

Cross Reference:

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Date Adopted:   May 25, 2010

Date Amended:  April 18, 2017

Date Amended:  November 19, 2019