4:142-AP1 Student Fees and Payment Plans

Student registration and participation fees must be approved by the Board.  The Administration may assess course fees based on the cost of consumable materials used in a course.

Payment Plans

Payment plans shall be offered to families who do not qualify for fee waivers.  Payment plans shall be paid on a monthly basis by evenly dividing the outstanding balance by the remaining months of the school year, with the last payment made during the month of April.  Board policy 4:045-AP2, Recovery of Delinquent Debt, shall apply to any accounts that are more than thirty (30) days overdue.  

Credit Card Transaction Fees

To minimize the costs and liabilities related to handling cash and checks, the use of credit cards or electronic checks to pay for school fees is encouraged.  The Superintendent or designee shall have the discretion to assess processing, transaction, or convenience fees for electronic transactions in a fashion that encourages the use of such payment methods while minimizing any related 3rd-party processing costs to the Board.

Proration and Refund of School Fees

Fees shall be assessed in full for students enrolling in an academic period and all subsequent academic periods remaining in the school year.  Academic periods are defined as semesters for Batavia High School and trimesters for all other schools.

Fees shall be refunded in full up to the 10th day of the academic period.  Thereafter, only future academic periods may be refunded proportionately to the total number of academic periods in the school year.

For accounts with a credit balance at the conclusion of a school year, the balance will be credited to next year’s beginning balance.  If the student is disenrolling, the balance shall be credited to a sibling’s account and notice of the credit sent to the parent/guardian via email.  After receiving the credit notice, the parent/guardian may opt for a full refund if the balance exceeds $5.  If the account has a credit balance in excess of $5 and no younger sibling is enrolled, a full refund shall be issued to the parent/guardian.  No refunds will be issued for accounts with a balance of less than $5.

Registration Fees

Walk-in speech services $ 50.00
Pre-Kindergarten $150.00
Kindergarten $150.00
Elementary, grades 1-5 $150.00
Middle school, grades 6-8 $150.00
High school, grades 9-12 $150.00

Participation Fees

Student Clubs and Activities $  0.00
Kindergarten Enrichment $150.00
Middle school drama $  0.00
Middle school music $150.00
Middle school athletics $150.00
High school music/drama* $150.00
High school athletics $150.00

Participation Fees

Co-curricular clubs, athletics, and activities may elect to charge participation dues to pay for events, equipment, and materials related to their organizational purpose and charter.  The process to approve participation dues shall include:

  1. In the prior school year, the sponsor(s) or coach(es) shall discuss the possibility of assessing participation dues and the expenditures that the dues will support with members of the co-curricular organization.
  2. Members of the co-curricular organization and sponsor(s) shall agree upon and present a proposal for participation dues to the Building Principal for approval.  The proposal shall contain:
    1. The amount of participation dues assessed to each member
    2. An estimate of the total dues to be collected
    3. A description of the expenditures and cost per member
    4. Any other information deemed relevant by the Building Principal or designee
  3. If approved, the decision shall be shared with the Treasurer and enumerated below.

Proceeds from participation dues shall be deposited into a student activity account in accordance with Board Policy 4:090-AP1 Management of Student Activity Funds and shall be shared with parents, guardians, and students annually;  see Board Policy 4:142-E1 Co-Curricular Participation Dues Notice for recommended format.

Course Fees

Course fees are based on the cost of consumable materials related to the course.  The course fees listed here are for convenience and subject to change.

Course Name Course Number Fee Amount
English I B104 23.00
English I (H) B106 18.00
English II B110 17.00
Creative Writing B1103 3.00
English I & II B1110 12.50
English I & II B1111 14.00
English 3 & 4 B1113 19.00
English II (H) B112 17.00
21st Century Lit & Comp B1138 17.00
English III B116 22.00
Am Literature B118 22.00
American Lit B1180 24.00
AP English Language B121 41.00
E/W Literature B122 8.00
Lit & Comp AP B124 10.00
Journalistic Wtg I B125 3.00
Journlistic Wtg II B126 3.00
First Year Comp I &  II: Dual Credit B127 3.00
Intro to Speech B128 3.00
Creative Writing B134 3.00
Theatre Arts B135 3.00
Public Speaking: FOSC B136 3.00
21st Century Lit & Comp B138 17.00
Th Arts Indp Study B139 3.00
ELL Class B140 28.00
Reading Workshop B142 39.00
Intro to Bdct Comm B146 21.00
Adv Brdcst Comm B147 21.00
Argumentation & Debate B148 3.00
Indpt Video Prod B149 21.00
English I B150 11.50
Environmental Science B1506 12.50
Biology B1508 6.00
Enlgish II B151 17.00
Marine Science B1510 4.50
Marine Science B1511 9.00
Video Production 2 B155 21.00
Video Production 3 B156 12.00
Topics in Lit & Comp B160 3.00
Topics  in Lit & Comp B1604 30.00
Film As Literature B170 15.00
Foods B1840 32.00
Self Advocacy B1978 5.00
Spanish I B200 4.00
Spanish II B202 4.00
Spanish III B204 14.00
Spanish IV B206 4.00
Spanish V (H) B207 53.00
French I B208 22.00
French II B210 22.00
French III B212 22.00
French IV B214 31.00
French V (H) B215 52.00
Latin I B216 27.00
Latin II B218 27.00
Latin III B220 4.00
Latin IV B222 4.00
Latin V/Poetry & Prose B224 4.00
Spanish II (Sem 1) B232 4.00
French II (Sem 1) B240 22.00
AP Calculus I (AB) B322 31.00
AP Calculus II(BC) B326 33.00
Red Symph Band B400 15.00
Wind Ensemble 1st Semester B401 15.00
Wind Symphony Semester 1 B402 15.00
Symph Band Semester 1 B403 15.00
Symph Orchestra Semester 1 B404 15.00
Concert Orchestra Sem 1 B405 15.00
Chamber Singers Sem 1 B407 15.00
Varsity Choir Semester 1 B408 15.00
Sinfonietta (Sem 1) B409 15.00
Sinfonietta (Sem 2) B411 15.00
Red & Gold Chorus B414 15.00
Treble Choir Semester 1 B416 15.00
Concert Band Sem 1 B418 15.00
Philharmonic Orch Semester 1 B420 15.00
Percussion I Semester 1 B424 15.00
Percussion II Semester 1 B426 15.00
Red Symph Band Semester 2 B430 15.00
Wind Ensemble (Sem 2) B431 15.00
Wind Symphony (Sem 2) B432 15.00
Symph Band (Sem 2) B433 15.00
Symph Orchestra (Sem 2) B434 15.00
Concert Orch (Sem 2) B435 15.00
Varsity Choir (Sem 2) B437 15.00
Red & Gold Chorus (Sem 2) B438 15.00
Treble Choir (Sem 2) B439 15.00
Chamber Singers (Sem 2) B440 15.00
Concert Band (Sem 2) B441 15.00
Philharmonic Orch (Sem 2) B442 15.00
Percussion I (Sem 2) B446 15.00
Percussion II (Sem 2) B448 15.00
Environmental Science B506 25.00
Biology B508 12.00
Biology (H) B510 12.00
Chemistry ACS B512 16.00
Chemistry B514 16.00
Chemistry (H) B516 18.00
Physics B518 5.00
Anatomy & Physiology B522 20.00
AP Biology II B525 45.00
Marine Science B530 9.00
AP Environmental Science B540 25.00
AP Chemistry B542 45.00
Fr Intg Science B550 12.00
AP Physics B562 5.00
AP Physics II B563 5.00
Driver’s Ed (Sem1) B728 250.00
Health (Music) B738 15.00
Accounting I B802 37.00
Accounting II B803 23.00
Consumer Ed (Online) B811 50.00
Intro to Engineering Design I B819 10.00
Tech Drawing B820 28.00
Graphics I B822 45.00
Graphics Indpt B823 45.00
Graphics Indpt B823T 25.00
Graphics II B824 45.00
Principles of Engineering B825 15.00
Civil Engineering & Architecture B826 10.00
Graphics Prod 1st Semester B828 45.00
Graphics Prod (Sem 2) B829 45.00
Graphics Mgt 1st Semester B830 45.00
Graphics Mgt (Sem 2) B831 45.00
Appld Tech I B832 13.00
Appld Tech II B834 13.00
Bld Trades I B836 50.00
Food/Nutrition B840 62.00
Food Service I B841 58.00
Food Service II B842 58.00
Child Dev B843 3.00
Housing/Int Des B844 40.00
Fash Merch B846 40.00
Child Care Lab B854 7.00
Photography B856 50.00
Photo/Indp B857 30.00
Photography II B859 60.00
Art Fundamentals B860 40.00
Art & Philosophy B861 30.00
Art  & Politics B862 30.00
Art & Identity B863 40.00
Art & Society B864 32.00
Art Exploration B865 30.00
Visual Comm B866 12.00
AP Studio Art B867 80.00
Art/Indpt B868 40.00
2D Art B869 30.00
Crs Cltrl Trad B870 10.00
3D Art B871 37.00
COOP/Class B964 10.00
COOP/Job B965 23.00
COOP/Class B966 12.00
Functional Math B968 34.00
English II B971 22.00
American Literature B972 13.50
Core Algebra B974A 9.50
Biology B977 12.00
Self Advocacy B978 12.00
Self Advocacy B978A 5.00
Read 180 B987 32.00
Rdg/Wrtg Workshop B991 53.50
English I B995 19.00
Fr Intg Sci B998 25.00
English Language Arts RM6220 9.50
Honors English Language Arts RM6225 9.50
Essentials English Language Arts RM6230 14.50
CC Math I RM6421 19.00
CC Math II RM6422 19.00
CC Math III RM6423 19.00
Essentials Math RM6430 19.00
Science RM6500 6.00
Instructional Science RM6504 6.00
Social Studies RM6600 9.00
Social Studies Reading Skills RM6631 9.00
Art RM6905 9.00
Band White RM6906 41.00
Band Gold RM6907 41.00
Band Red RM6908 41.00
Computers RM6911 2.00
Design and Modeling RM6912 4.00
Energy and the Environment RM6915 4.00
Chorus Gold RM6921 58.00
Chorus Red RM6922 58.00
Music RM6923 3.00
PE RM6928 1.00
Orchestra White RM6934 49.00
Orchestra Red RM6935 49.00
Orchestra Gold RM6936 49.00
English Language Arts RM7220 15.00
Honors English Language Arts RM7225 15.00
Essentials English Language Arts RM7230 16.00
CC Math I RM7421 19.00
CC Math II RM7422 19.00
CC Math III RM7423 19.00
Essentials Math RM7430 19.00
Science RM7500 8.00
Read 180 RM7812 30.00
Chorus Red RM7903 25.00
Chorus Gold RM7904 25.00
Art RM7905 9.00
Band Gold RM7907 7.00
Band Red RM7908 7.00
Computers RM7911 2.00
Design and Modeling RM7913 4.00
Energy and the Environment RM7914 4.00
Foods I RM7920 15.00
PE RM7928 1.00
Shop RM7932 25.00
Spanish RM7933 14.00
Orchestra Red RM7935 26.00
Orchestra Gold RM7936 26.00
Automation and Robotics RM7938 2.00
Medical Detective RM7939 6.00
Coding RM7941 2.00
Foods RM7945 15.00
English Language Arts RM8220 16.50
Honors English Language Arts RM8225 16.50
Essentials English Language Arts RM8230 16.50
CC Math I RM8421 19.00
Essentials Math RM8430 19.00
Science RM8500 7.00
Read 180 RM8812 30.00
3D Art RM8901 9.00
Band Gold RM8907 8.00
Band Red RM8908 8.00
Chorus Gold RM8910 25.00
Chorus Red RM8911 25.00
Computer Media RM8912 2.00
Drawing & Painting RM8917 9.00
1st Aid RM8918 5.00
Foods I RM8920 15.00
Foods II RM8921 15.00
French RM8922 18.50
Orchestra Red RM8924 26.00
Building Trades RM8925 25.00
Orchestra Gold RM8926 26.00
PE RM8928 1.00
Production Technology RM8929 25.00
Sewing RM8931 10.00
Magic of Electrons RM8932 2.00
Visual & Graphic Design RM8937 9.00
Automation and  Robotics RM8938 2.00
Medical Detective RM8939 6.00
Coding RM8941 2.00
Orchestra RM8942 24.00
Foods RM8945 15.00
Culinary Arts RM8947 15.00

Cross References:

4:045-AP2 Recovery of Delinquent Debt

4:090-AP1 Management of Student Activity Funds

4:140 Waiver of Student Fees

4:142 School Debt

Date Reviewed: April 26, 2016

Date Amended:  December 20, 2016

Date Amended:  May 6, 2021