6:122-E1 Letter to Parents

On District Letterhead

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Parents or guardians may request that district staff complete rating scales or provide documentation for the purpose of an outside evaluation with a qualified professional or outside provider.

Prior to district staff completing this documentation, Batavia Public Schools requires parents or guardians to consent to our administrative procedure. See below:

If qualified professional request District personnel to complete rating scales or provide documentation for an outside evaluation of a student, the following procedures apply.

  • A written consent to share information must be completed.
  • The completed rating scales or other requested information will be provided directly to the qualified professional/outside provider. Parents will obtain the results from the outside provider requesting the information.
  • The parents will receive a copy of this administrative procedure and agree to these terms prior to district staff completing any rating scales or providing documentation related to an outside evaluation.
  • Without consenting to the terms of this administrative procedure, teachers or other district staff may not complete the rating scales or provide documentation to parents or the outside provider.
  • Policy 7:340, Student Records, applies

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the rating scales or documentation are scored and interpreted by a qualified professional.

If you consent to this procedure, sign and date this notice. Consent acknowledges that the parent or guardians agrees to the procedure and has received a copy of this procedure.



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Date Adopted:  01/21/2015