6:122-AP1 School Visitation and Observation

  1. All visitation or observation dates, times, and duration should be confirmed with the parent (including those by independent educational evaluators and qualified professionals).
  2. Requested interviews of educational staff are limited to those staff members who have relevant knowledge about the student’s current educational placement, program or services.  Interviews of staff must not interfere with their teaching duties.
  3. Visitors must check in at the Principal’s Office, or other location provided by the Director or designee.  The visitor must provide information regarding his/her identity and purpose of the visit prior to the visit taking place.  Visitors are required to comply with all District or school rules and procedures concerning school safety, security, and visitation.
  4. Visitors are required to comply with applicable privacy laws, including laws protecting the confidentiality of education records, such as the Illinois School Student Records Act and federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.  Unless previously authorized by the District, visitors may not take photographs, make video or audio recordings during the visit or observation.  Visitors may not create other records which include personally identifiable information about students other than the student who is the subject of the observation.
  5. All visitors must be supervised by a district employee when in the presence of students.
  6. Visitors may not disrupt the educational process or environment, including interaction with teachers, staff, or students.  Visitors, who disrupt the educational process, will be asked to leave and the visit will be terminated.
  7. A visitor’s misconduct or failure to follow District and school rules may be grounds for denying future requests for visitation or observation.
  8. If a student receives special services, upon receipt of a request for visitation or observation by a parent, independent educational evaluator, or qualified professional (the“visitor”), the Principal will forward the request to the Director of Student Services and Special Education.
    • The Director or designee will contact the visitor making the request to:
      1. Clarify any information provided in the request; and
      2. If the request is granted, arrange for a mutually agreed time for the visit and/or interviews of staff.
    • If the request is denied, written notice that includes the rationale for the denial will be provided within 10 business days.
    • The Director or designee will notify teachers of the visit, including proposed dates, times, and duration.
  9. The parent may appeal the decision using the Uniform Grievance Procedure (Policy 2:260).

Date Adopted: 10/13/2010