6:310-E1 – Class Substitution Request


Class Substitution Request

Students in grades 9-12 may satisfy one or more high school requirements, including physical education or other graduation requirements, by successfully completing related courses. This request for class substitution must be completed by the student and student’s parent/guardian, and the request must be submitted to the Building Principal for approval. The completed request will be kept in the student’s temporary school record in accordance with 23 Ill.Admin.Code §1.445.


Student’s Name                                                                          Grade


Parent/Guardian’s Name                  Telephone                     Student’s Birth Date

Class Requesting to Substitute Replacement Class Explanation



Student’s Signature/Date                                  Parent/Guardian’s Signature/Date

Request for Class Substitution:                 _______    Approved          _______   Denied


Building Principal/Date


Dated Approved:  December 16, 2009