6:210-AP2 Use of Movies Created for Theatrical Release

Preserving valuable instructional time is a constant challenge for teachers and administrators. Therefore, it is important that instructional activities be carefully scrutinized for their value to learning, especially the use of movies created for theatrical release. These movies can often be a valuable asset to the understanding of key concepts. However, this value must be weighed with the amount of time consumed by viewing a movie in its entirety. Many times viewing clips of movies can accomplish the same objective within a smaller timeframe. Regardless of the length of the clip or the entire movie shown, parental permission must be obtained for the following movie ratings:

  1. PG (grades K-5 only) – no PG-13 or R-rated movies may be shown
  2. PG-13 (grades 6-8 only) – no R-rated movies may be shown
  3. R (grades 9-11 only)

To show a movie that was created for theatrical release for educational purposes in its entirety, a teacher must obtain approval from the building principal or designee. The teacher must submit the completed form, Movie Pre-Approval Form, to the building principal prior to the beginning of the term in which the movie will be shown. The principal is to review the form and use the following criteria approval:

  • The movie directly relates to the unit or topic of study.
  • The stated rationale for showing the movie in its entirety clearly outweighs the amount of time devoted to this activity.
  • There is clear evidence why the showing of clips of the film would not obtain the equivalent instructional objectives.
  • The teacher has clear evidence that students will not be passive observers of the film and will be engaged in higher level thinking activity(s).

Once a teacher has obtained approval for the use of a film for instructional purposes, he/she does not need to seek approval in subsequent terms, semesters, or years. However, the principal may revoke prior approval by notifying the teacher prior to the start of the new term.

At the end of each school year, principals must send the completed approval forms to the curriculum office for review.

Date Adopted: September 18, 2007