6:140-AP2 Registration Guidelines for Homeless Students

Step 1:  Determine if the student is homeless

A student is considered “homeless” if he/she is currently living…

  • With relatives or others due to lack of housing.
  • In a shelter, motel/hotel, campground or similar housing.
  • In a train or bus station, car or abandoned building.
  • In temporary housing while awaiting DCFS foster care placement.

Step 2:  Enroll the student based on the following guidelines:

All homeless students have the right to:

  • Immediate school enrollment (even if they are missing health, immunization, school records, proof of guardianship or proof of residency).
  • Enroll in the school he/she was enrolled in when permanently house (school of origin) or..
  • Enroll in the school he/she was last enrolled or…
  • Enroll in any school that non-homeless students in the same attendance area attend.
  • Remain enrolled in his/her SELECTED school for as long as he/she remains homeless or, if the student becomes permanently housed until the end of the academic year.
  • Automatic Fee Waiver and Free Lunch (Do not have to fill out fee-waiver forms)

Step 3:   Complete the Homeless Interview using the McKinney-Vento Form

  • School staff member fills out our McKinney-Vento Homeless Form with family.
  • Staff member gathers information about student’s current living situation.
  • Staff member inquires about special education/ELL/Gifted Education.
  • Staff member asks family about other supports they may need that are indicated on the form, and checks all appropriate boxes.
  • Parent and Staff member sign the form.
  • Building Staff gathers school supplies for homeless student.

Step 4:  Forward Information to Central Office

  • Staff member e-mails Homeless Liaison and Finance Secretary the name of the new student
  • Staff member forwards Homeless Form to Homeless Liaison

Step 5:  Central Office responsibilities

  • Finance Secretary will take care of free lunch/fee waiver information
  • Homeless Liaison will follow up on other supports listed on the interview form
  • Student Services Secretary will take care of the transportation needs
  • If student is living in another district and being transported to Batavia, the cost of transportation will be shared with the other district.

Date Approved:  January 11, 2012