6:100-AP1 Dissection of Animals

Actor Action Time
Curriculum Director Identifies: (1) which, if any, courses contain a dissection project and (2) the available alternative projects.  Reports that information to the Building Principal.

“Dissection” includes cutting, killing, preserving, or mounting of living or dead animals or animal parts for scientific study; it does not include the cutting, preserving, or mounting of:  (1) meat or other animal products that have been processed for use as food or in the preparation of food, or (2) wool, silk, glue, or other commercial or artistic products derived from animals (105 ILCS 112/10).

Students who object to performing, participating in, or observing a dissection must be excused from classroom attendance without penalty. (105 ILCS 112/25).

Throughout the curriculum development process
Building Principal

Ensures that course descriptions indicate which courses contain a dissection unit.  For such courses, indicates that objecting students have the right to refrain, and the availability, if any of an alternative.

ISBE guidelines for notifying students, parents, administrators, and teachers are available at:


Annually before course offerings and descriptions are distributed to students
Guidance Counselors and Teachers Reminds objecting students to check the expectations and requirements of the post-secondary schools that they may be interested in attending.  105 ILCS 112/20(b) Whenever a student may choose between dissection and an alternative program
Students If dissection is objectionable, ask the teacher to be excused from the dissection project and request an alternative project, if one is available. Within the first 10 days of the course, if possible.
All Staff  Members Do not penalize or discriminate against a student in any way for refusing to perform, participate in, or observe dissection.  105 ILCS 112/25 Continuously

Date Adopted:    April 10, 2007

Date Updated:    October 4, 2016