6:070-AP1 Teaching About Religions

The following are guidelines for teaching about religions:

  1. Instruction must be age-appropriate to ensure that students will not believe the District is sponsoring religion.
  2. Instruction may expose students to religious views, but may not impose any particular views.
  3. Instruction must be informational, not indoctrination.
  4. Instruction must be academic, not devotional.
  5. Instruction may study what people believe, but may not teach a student what to believe.
  6. Instruction should strive for student awareness of a variety of religions, but should not press for student acceptance of any one religion.

Within the parameters of the academic study of religion, teachers may display objects, artifacts, and symbols that illustrate a variety of religious customs, beliefs, and expressions.  Any classroom and school display presented as a part of religious studies or holiday activities must meet the following criteria:

  1. The display will be exhibited on a temporary basis.
  2. The display will be constructed in a manner that presents no endorsement, favoritism, or promotion of a single religion or religious belief.
  3. The display will include non-secular as well as secular symbols.
  4. The display will include appropriate descriptive labels attached to the symbols.

Individual student participation in the preparation of a religious study display or a religious holiday display is strictly voluntary.  If the display is a class activity, any student who wishes not to participate must be given an alternative assignment.

Date Adopted: 04/10/2007