Student Handbooks

Major Disturbances, Misconduct, and Safety Violations

Major Disturbances, Misconduct and Safety Violations include, but are not limited to:

  • Harassment/Bullying of other students or school personnel (including electronic and/or cyber bullying)
    • Students are prohibited from harassing, hazing, or bullying any other student or school employee (BOE Policy 7:20).  These behaviors cause serious disruption and are not acceptable in any form. Students experiencing or witnessing these offenses should report to Student Services immediately.   
  • Bullying is an act of contempt intended to cause harm. It means any severe or pervasive physical or verbal act or conduct, including communications made in writing or electronically, directed toward a student that has or can be reasonably predicted to have the effect of:  
    • Placing the student in reasonable fear of harm to the student’s person or property;
    • Causing a substantially detrimental effect on the student’s physical or mental health;
    • Substantially interfering with the student’s academic performance;
    • Substantially interfering with the student’s ability to participate in or benefit from the services, activities, or privileges provided by the school.
    • This may include verbal or written threats directed towards students, purposeful exclusion of peers with intent to harm, or taunting. This will include harmful messages or threats posted online, either in email or on social networking sites. Extreme or inappropriate communications (oral, written, or electronic) or expressive acts that are intended to harass, intimidate, or humiliate a person on the basis of race, gender/orientation, ethnicity, religion, or disability are forbidden.  Harassment occurs when such conduct unreasonably interferes with an individual’s performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive academic environment.
  • Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advance, requests for sexual favors, or any conduct of a sexual nature, such as:
    • Crude or suggestive remarks directed at an individual based on the individual’s gender
    • Sexual proposition advances
    • Sexual name calling
  • Harassment occurs when such conduct unreasonably interferes with an individual’s performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive academic environment.
  • Threats or intimidation (written, verbal, including cyber-bullying)
    • Intentionally, or knowingly, threatening another with harm or injury. Threatening behavior, such as stare downs, hard looks, electronic intimidation and other intimidating actions are included.  
  • Assault, including hitting, slapping, kicking, punching, or fighting
    • Any student involved in a fight in school or anywhere on campus, on a school bus, or school-sponsored trip or event will be disciplined. A student who has made an effort to avoid a fight by bringing the situation to the attention of a staff member beforehand will be given more consideration regarding any punishment that might be received. In addition, the appropriate police authorities may be notified depending on the severity of the situation. Inciting or soliciting a fight will also not be tolerated.  
  • Over the counter medications and prescription medications
    • Any student in possession or use of their own prescription medication or over the counter medication without permission from the school nurse will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Sale of smoking materials (e.g. tobacco products, e-cigarettes)
  • Tobacco or matches/lighter possession. The Board of Education has reaffirmed the policies of maintaining Batavia Schools as a smoke-free environment. Infractions include smoking, using smokeless tobacco and the use or possession of smoking materials including cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, matches, e-cigarettes, e-cigarette liquid, and/or a lighter. These materials will be confiscated and not returned to the student.  Minors who are seen smoking or who have tobacco products in their possession while in school or on school property will receive a citation within the parameters of local ordinances and state statutes. Please note that this policy applies to students and adults (without school disciplinary action) when on school property at any time and at all school functions or preparation for them. Continued violations of this nature will result in increased consequences. A person shall be deemed in possession if it is reasonable for the person to gain access to it (on the student’s person, in a locker, in a book bag or backpack).

The District may take other disciplinary action as necessary, including expulsion.