Recent Revisions

Batavia High School

Visitor Access During Lunch Periods

Based on a recommendation from school safety and security experts, Batavia High School changes its access procedures during the 3 campus lunch periods. For more information on the change and  how to access school personnel or students during this time, please see the handbook.

Code of Conduct

Recently, the administration reviewed the Code of Conduct. Changes included rewriting the language of the administrative procedure to bring greater levels of clarity to the process. Other changes for clarity included distinguishing between performance and non-performance extra-curriculars. Other than clarity, the procedure was changed to include greater levels of student due process and to add other behavioral aspects to the code of conduct beyond substance use such as prohibitions on hazing and bullying. This procedure affects the entire District but primarily applies to students in middle and high school. 

Inclusion of Animal Dissection Policy

Board policy and procedure changes around animal dissection are communicated in the student handbook and the BHS course catalog as required by the procedures. Students will not be penalized for refusing to participate in animal dissection learning opportunities.  

Rotolo Middle School

Visitors Entering the School

The middle school has clarified its visitor procedures to inform parents and the community that a new entry buzzer has been installed to enter the main office. This change was recommended by the District Safety Team.

BARK Charts

Rotolo has added information about their BARK (Bulldogs Respect other, and Keep the Environment Safe) program. This positive behavior system teaches positive behaviors at school and is part of the middle school’s compliance with BOE policy 7:175 Behavior Intervention Support.