Recent Revisions

Anticipated Revisions for 2018-2019

Anticipated revisions for the 2018-2019 school year are those related to updates or changes to policies adopted by the Batavia Board of Education. See Board policy for recent revisions.

Handbook Revision Purpose of Revision Date
Addition notifying parents/guardians that they may access Illinois Sex Offender Information at Compliant with Sex Offender Community Notification Law. January 14, 2019
Addition of existing “Due Process Procedure” Added this procedure to RMS and BHS Conduct & Discipline pages to be consistent with existing elementary Conduct & Discipline page. October 25, 2018
Addition of Pets At School, Food Allergies and Celebration Treats, Field Trips, and Lunch Added these items to to RMS and BHS General Information pages to be consistent with existing elementary General Information page. October 25, 2018