Student Handbooks

Student Responsibilities

Students, as citizens of the United States, are guaranteed certain individual rights and have corresponding individual responsibilities. Parents, teachers, and administrators have a responsibility to protect the rights of students while maintaining an educational atmosphere conducive to the teaching and learning process.  The concept of balancing the rights of the individual with the rights of society is as valid in the educational community as in the larger community.  There are certain special responsibilities required of a citizen who is a student in school:

  1. To become informed of and adhere to reasonable rules and regulations established by your local Board of Education and implemented by school administrators and teachers.
  1. To respect the rights and individuality of other students, school administrators, and teachers.
  1. To refrain from libel, slanderous remarks, and obscenity in verbal and written expression.
  1. To dress and groom in a manner that meets reasonable standards of health, cleanliness, and safety.
  1. To be punctual and present in the regular or assigned school program.
  1. To refrain from gross disobedience or misconduct or behavior that materially and substantially disrupts the educational process.
  1. To maintain the best possible level of academic achievement.
  1. To respect the reasonable exercise of authority by school administrators and teachers in maintaining discipline in the school and school-sponsored activities.