Student Handbooks

General Information


To ensure continuity of instruction and to develop positive habits it is important that your child attends school regularly and arrives at school on time. Batavia Public Schools discourages vacations during school days. Missed assignments due to vacations can be completed upon return to school.

A student shall be released from school, as an excused absence, for the purpose of observing a religious holiday. The parent(s)/guardian(s) must give notice to the District 5 days before the student’s anticipated absence.

Parents should attempt to schedule medical and dental appointments outside of school hours when possible.  If an appointment must be made during school hours, please notify the school.

Illness, Tardiness, and Absence

It is important that your student attend school regularly to maximize the benefits of the program. If your student is absent from school, please call your school’s 24-hour attendance line. When leaving a message on the answering machine, please clearly identify your student’s name, teacher, and reason for absence.  Please call prior to 11 a.m. each day that your student is absent.  If the school does not hear from a parent or guardian, phone calls will be made to locate your student.  Please refer to school specific information for further details.

Absence Procedure

All absences must be reported on the attendance line. Please call your school’s Attendance Line to report the absence as soon as possible.  Please indicate specific illness symptoms and/or reason for absence.

A “chronic or habitual truant” shall be defined as a child is who is absent without valid cause from such attendance for 5% or more of the previous 180 school days, per Illinois State Code. Chronic truancy will be monitored by your student’s school. Parents of these students will receive written notice of their child’s attendance record and concern. A conference with the appropriate staff member(s) may be required upon the receipt of the second truancy notice.  A third notice may result in referral to the Kane County Regional Office of Education.

Court Orders

During times of family difficulties, a court order may prohibit a parent or other family member from having contact with a specific student. A copy of any legal document which mandates this separation must be on file with the school office. These documents can only be honored through the dates defined in the document.  This procedure assures that the child is released ONLY to the appropriate adults.

School Fees

Student fees are established by the Board of Education. A schedule of student fees will be distributed by each building as part of the registration process. Fee waivers are available if the student or student’s family is currently receiving aid under Article IV of The Illinois Public Aid Code (Aid to Families with Dependent Children).

Sex Offender Information is Available

As required by the Sex Offender Community Notification Law, Batavia Public Schools is notifying parents/guardians that they may access Illinois Sex Offender Information at


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