Board Policy

Board of Education governance requires written policies to ensure legal compliance, establish processes, articulate District ends, delegate authority, and define operating limits. Board policies provide the processes for monitoring growth toward District ends.

Policy adoption is the function of the Board of Education. Policy development is a cooperative effort involving the Board, the Superintendent, and other members of the Administration. Administrative Procedures are needed to implement, interpret, and carry out the Board’s intentions, as expressed in its policies.  Administrative Procedures  may specify a required action or describe an administrative arrangement.   They describe what is to be done, who is to do it and when it is to be done.  Administrative Procedure are reviewed and approved by  the Board of Education Policy Committee.

The statements and policies in this book do not provide answers for all questions which will arise in the operation of BPS101.  Policies  will be added as needed.  Statements already adopted or approved are subject to continuous revisions and updating as conditions, statutes, and court decisions change.