Student Handbooks

General Information

School Appearance

The appearance of the school is the responsibility of all. Each student should help in maintaining the appearance of common areas as well as classrooms and the exterior of the school. All students are expected to clean up after him/herself and may be periodically asked to help clean tables, chalkboards, desks, etc.

  • Students are expected to respect the rights of property owners in the vicinity of the school.
  • Students will be expected to provide restitution for any damage they cause to property belonging to others.
  • Students must accept responsibility for the proper care of all properties, including all text and library books. If books have been damaged in any way, the student is responsible for paying for the damage.
  • There is to be no throwing/shooting of any objects in or out of the building.  
  • Gum chewing is permitted per supervising teacher discretion.


At all assemblies, please remain with your teacher and sit where directed.  Students should show appreciation during the assembly with applause only and at the appropriate times. After the assembly, students are expected to exit with their teacher in an orderly and safe manner. 

Behavioral Interventions for Students with Disabilities

Public Act 89-191 requires all Illinois school districts to develop a policy and procedures addressing the use of behavior interventions for students with identified disabilities. The Batavia School District’s policy and procedures was developed using guidelines provided by the State Board of Education. The act requires that all parents and students be notified about the existence of this policy on an annual basis. This policy and procedures shall be furnished to the parent(s)/guardian(s) of all students at the time an individual education plan is first implemented for a student. A copy of the Batavia School District policy and procedures is available by calling the Student Services office at (630) 937-8836.

Cafeteria/Lunchroom Procedures

All students will eat their lunch in the cafeteria. No student will be allowed to leave the school grounds during lunch unless signed out by their parent. A hot lunch program is operated on a daily basis. A free or reduced lunch program is available for those who qualify. Applications for free or reduced lunch are available in the school office. Students may also bring their own lunches. Students are expected to use common sense and common courtesy while eating lunch. We do not feel it is beyond any student to conduct himself/herself in the same manner, as he/she would while dining at home or in a restaurant. The following rules were formulated with the hope that the lunch period will be as pleasant as possible for the majority of students

  1. WALK to the cafeteria and to the line for safety.
  2. Respect others’ personal space. Do not push or shove.
  3. Use a normal level of voice.
  4. Keep your table and table area clean; throw your trash in the garbage cans.
  5. Practice good eating habits and good table manners. Throwing of food is not allowed.
  6. All food is to be eaten in the cafeteria.
  7. Ask permission to leave the cafeteria to use the bathroom or if you have a pass.
  8. Return your tray and eating utensils to the designated area.
  9. “Borrowing” money from other students is strongly discouraged.
  10. Ordering food to be delivered to the school by outside vendors is not allowed unless organized and supervised by a teacher.

Students will be dismissed from the cafeteria by sections.  At this time students will discard their trash and recycle appropriate materials in the designated containers. It should be understood that it is an individual’s responsibility to clean up after himself or herself. While custodians are available for general cleaning, they are not expected to be individual student custodians. Each student will be expected to do his/her part in keeping the school clean. Students are expected to throw out their trash and will be asked at times to help in other cleaning duties.

Students who fail to obey these rules may lose the service of the school cafeteria. These students will spend their lunchtime supervised in another lunchtime location. These students will be asked to bring a bag lunch from home, or bring money for a school bag lunch. Continual misbehavior during lunch/recess time may result in your parents being requested to remove you from the school grounds during your lunchtime.

Communication Policy

Rotolo Middle School staff is committed to the goal of effective communication with our constituents.  Effective communication is a two-way street and requires that all participants in the communication process follow certain basic rules. We all want to teach our children and students to be good communicators. We must demonstrate these skills and be good role models for this to occur. It is our expectation that communication among and between administrators, teachers, secretaries, aides, and parents will take place in a courteous, respectful, non-threatening, and appropriate manner.

We understand that events will occur and issues will arise where parents need more information or where there is a disagreement between school and parents. When these events or issues occur, and parents communicate with the school in a courteous, respectful, and appropriate manner, school personnel are most willing to listen to parental concerns and point of view. However, it is the Rotolo Middle School policy to discontinue conversations where parents are being disrespectful, abusive, threatening, rude, or inappropriate towards school personnel (e.g. yelling, swearing, etc.). When parents demonstrate this kind of behavior, our School Policy is that school personnel will communicate to the parent that we understand that the parent is upset and angry but that we are willing to listen and continue the discussion only if the parent continues in an appropriate manner. If the parent persists in being inappropriate, school personnel will 1) immediately end the conversation, 2) invite the parent to call the school and resume the discussion when it can be done appropriately, and 3) if the parent is at school, direct the parent to leave school property. If the parent refuses to leave, police will be called immediately. If, in the opinion of school personnel, the parent represents a continued threat to the safety and well-being of school personnel or students, police will be contacted and that parent will be denied access to Rotolo Middle School property.

Student Use of Telephone

Students can use office phones if there is a need to contact guardians during the school day. Students are not permitted to use cell phones to text or call parents during school hours unless given permission by a staff member in an emergency situation. Students who need to make calls of an emergency nature, or at the direction of a staff member, will be allowed to do so.

Parents: please do not call or text students during school hours unless the call is an emergency. Students may check their messages during lunch periods but will not have access to their cell phones during the academic day.  The school will contact a student if a parent has an immediate need. We make efforts to minimize as many class disruptions as possible. Messages that are not urgent will be given to students during their lunch period. If parents would like to contact a teacher, please call the school office where you will be transferred to the proper extension. 

Social Networking Passwords

The District may not request or require a student to provide a password or other related account information in order to gain access to the student’s account or profile on a social networking website if the district has reasonable cause to believe that the student’s account on a social networking website contains evidence that the student has violated a disciplinary rule or policy.

Electronic Devices

Using or possessing an electronic paging device, a cellular phone, video recording device, personal digital assistant (PDA), or other electronic device in any manner that disrupts the educational environment or violates the rights of others, including using the device to take photographs in locker rooms or restrooms, to cheat, or otherwise violate student conduct rules.  

Unless otherwise banned under this policy or by the building administration, all electronic devices must be kept off and out of sight during the regular school day unless:

  • The supervising teacher grants permission
  • The use of the device is provided for in a student’s IEP
  • It is needed in an emergency that threatens the safety of students, staff, or other individuals.

Students using cell phones during regular school hours should expect to have the phone confiscated and may require pick up by a parent. Rotolo Middle School is not liable for lost or stolen items. (BOE Policy 7:190)


Chromebooks are on loan to RMS students. Insurance is available at the time of issuance. Rotolo Middle School reserves the right to inspect Chromebooks for violations including misuse, cheating, or inappropriate sites. Students who violate the RMS technology policy may be subject to disciplinary action according to the BOE Policy 7:190 for use of electronic devices.

Chromebooks are an instructional tool and as such are used extensively to deliver curriculum. Any concerns should be addressed as a partnership with parents, teachers, and administrators.

All students are issued a BPS email address. Use of this email is for educational purposes only. Students who use email to send chain emails or other such unsolicited email or use this email address to harass other students are in violation of the district technology policy and will may be subject to disciplinary action based on the level of the infraction.

Emergency Procedures

Fire or fire drills are signaled with a continuous horn sound.  Upon hearing the signal, students should immediately listen to teacher directions. Do not attempt to take anything with you when you leave the building.

Tornado alerts or drills are signaled by an alert tone followed immediately by an announcement. When the alert sounds, immediately listen to directions as to where to proceed and how to assume a safe position.

School bus evacuation procedures are practiced during the year. School-wide lock down and evacuation drills are also practiced. In all emergency procedures it is vital to behave and follow specific directions from your supervisor.

Lost and Found

Lost items, which are found, should be turned in to the Student Services Office. Students in search of missing articles should make their inquiries to this office. Please put your name on your books, clothes and lunch bags so that they will be easy to identify. At the end of parent-teacher conferences and each grading period, lost articles are donated to appropriate charities.

The school is not responsible for lost articles or lost money. If it is necessary for you to carry a large amount of money to school with you, it is suggested that you leave this money in the office for safekeeping. The school will not loan money to students.

Students need to pay particular attention to locking their gym locker. This area is available to the entire student population during the day. Many after school activities also require the use of the locker room facilities by both our students and those from other schools. It is vitally important to be sure your P.E. locker is locked. As with bicycles, students assume the responsibility for materials left in their locker. Students are encouraged not to leave materials of significant value in these lockers.

Report Cards

Formalized communication to parents will occur every six weeks. Progress Reports will be available on Power School on the dates below. Report cards will be available on Power School approximately one week after the end of each trimester as listed below. The third trimester Report Card will be mailed home. Students who have not paid fines or other obligations will receive a Statement of Charges along with their report card. We ask your cooperation in returning payment for Statement of Charges with the signed report card. For the 2016-17 school year, the dates for both six week marks and trimester end dates are:

9/23/2016 1st trimester ends: 11/4/2016

1/6/2017 2nd trimester ends: 2/16/2017

4/7/2017 3rd trimester ends: 5/25/2017 (if no snow days)

Progress Reports

November 1st has been set-aside for Parent-Teacher Conferences. All parents will be contacted by phone, email, or have an in-school conference for the purpose of sharing student progress.

Either party can arrange conferences between parent and teacher at any time.  Students should keep in mind that teachers welcome your asking for special help when satisfactory progress is not being made.  Questions regarding progress reports or specific grades should be directed to the specific teacher.

In the event that the parent and/or legal guardian cannot attend a school conference but chooses to designate another person to attend in their absence, the parent must submit a written note authorizing said person to attend on the parent’s behalf. This includes grandparents, significant others, or other adults residing within the home.

Student Council

Student Council members must be responsible students who are willing to work diligently to make student government a success. Student council members are elected representatives of the school. Participation is based on “eligibility for school activities” as previously described.

Reporting an Accident

If a student is injured at school, he/she should report this injury immediately to a teacher or other school official. Appropriate action can only be taken at that time.  Parents will be contacted for those injuries of a serious nature. Please be sure the school office has your current home, work and emergency contact phone numbers. Without these current numbers communication becomes very difficult.

Safety and Security of Students—Reporting Unsafe Situations

While general school procedures provide a high level of safety for our students we realize and recognize that individual interactions may occur that are not known about by regular school personnel. These situations may include threatening behavior at the bus stop, general bullying behavior, sexual harassment, or other issues, which may cause an unsafe or intimidating situation. Students must realize that any situation that involves safety concerns, may involve an illegal act, or is potentially a harmful situation should be reported to the school administration, grade level counselor, police liaison officer, supervisor, or classroom teacher.  Students have these issues discussed in class and during X-Time, and should realize that things involving school safety must be brought to the attention of the adults in the building. All of these safety concerns will be dealt with on a case by case basis based on relevant facts and careful consideration.

BPS 101 provides a Safety Helpline to anonymously report any unsafe situation. The information will be routed to the appropriate school personnel. Parents and students may call (630) 937-5410 to access the Helpline.

Should an event occur where the threat of a weapon has been mentioned, discussed, or witnessed, it is of the utmost importance to inform school building adults as soon as is possible. These adults will handle the situation. It is important that this information not be shared with other students to avoid inaccurate stories and rumors. This adds to general fear and only makes it more difficult to track down factual information.   

Selling of Materials

Students are not allowed to sell materials of any kind at school. This includes selling items for individual profit or fundraising items for any organization unless it is school sponsored.

Special Education Services

Rotolo Middle School provides special services for those students found to be eligible including but not limited to: speech/language, vision, hearing, physical and occupational therapy, special education resource/instructional, social work, and counseling. The district shall provide a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. (BOE Policy 6:120)

Access to special education services and supports are determined following consideration for eligibility under IDEA by an educational team.  Detailed information, relative to referral procedures, special education rules and regulations are available through the building principal. In addition, the booklet entitled, “A Parent’s Guide the Educational Rights of Handicapped Children,” is available during registration, or can be obtained through the school principal or at the District Administration office.

Supports for Struggling Students Not Identified with a Disability

The Building Level Intervention team (BLIT) monitors student need for and progress given academic, behavioral, or social emotional intervention. Based on student need and response to intervention, additional supports may be provided on an individual basis. The BLIT team also considers all requests for consideration for an evaluation under section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.  

INFORMATION REGARDING INDIVIDUAL EDUCATION PROGRAM (IEP) CONFERENCES:  (BOE Policy 7:10) Efforts are made to arrive at a mutually convenient time for IEP meetings. If the parent is unable to attend the IEP conference, the parent should contact the student’s case manager to reschedule the meeting.

INFORMATION REGARDING SECTION 504 OF THE REHABILITATION ACT OF 1973:  It is the policy of the Board of Education to forbid discrimination on the basis of any disability, regardless of the nature or severity of the disability.  It is the intent of the district to ensure that students who have a disability within the definition of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 be identified, evaluated, and provided with appropriate accommodations to access the educational environment. For additional information, please contact the 504 coordinator for the school district at the Board of Education Office, 335 West Wilson in Batavia.

Title IX

The Batavia Public Schools and Rotolo Middle School do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or ethnic origin. If you feel discriminated against, you are entitled to due process. Please contact the building principal if you are seeking information. (BOE Policy 2;260)

Civil Rights

RMS strives to maintain an environment of respect for all individuals and protects the Civil Rights of all students and staff. At RMS, this means that no student should be targeted or discriminated against because of:

  • Race and/or ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Gender/orientation
  • Economic status
  • Disability

If/When a student’s Civil Rights are violated, developmentally appropriate consequences may include one or more of the following: parent conference, detentions, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, referral to grade level counselor for restorative justice plan, recommendation for expulsion. (BOE Policy 7:10)


We welcome prearranged adult visitors to our school so that parents and community members can become acquainted with what we are doing.  We ask that all visitors enter through the main entrance. All visitors will be buzzed in through the main office door.  Visitors are required to sign a visitors’ log, show state issued identification, and wear a visitor’s badge.  Upon leaving the building, visitors are required to return their badge and sign out.  

Students are not to bring in other visitors unless he/she is a guest speaker for a class and written permission is obtained from school administration.  Deliveries to students from outside services (such as flowers or balloon shops, fast-food, etc.) will not be accepted by the school.  (BOE Policy 8:30)


A great deal of useful information is provided at our school web site, including current school information, daily announcements, District/School/Sports calendars, medical forms, and more).


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