Student Handbooks


Attendance Philosophy (Board Policy 7:70)

Our attendance policy is based upon the following assumption:

  1. In accordance with the requirements of the SCHOOL CODE of Illinois and in recognition of the responsibilities imposed upon parents, it is the policy of BPS101 that students shall attend school on a regular basis.  Student attendance is not optional; it is a requirement of every class. Rotolo Middle School’s educational program is built on the premise that regular attendance is vital to a student’s success in school. Seeing that a student maintains regular attendance requires a cooperative effort by the student, parent(s), or guardian(s), and school personnel. The Board of Education believes that the school administration and staff have a duty to rigorously and consistently enforce school regulations dealing with class attendance.
  2. While the major responsibility for attendance rests with the students, the school and the parents or guardians share this responsibility. Students are expected to attend every class; the school has an obligation to inform both students and parents of the student’s progress and attendance in all classes. Parents or guardians are obligated to follow proper procedures to inform the school when their son or daughter is absent and to give the reason for the absence.

Attendance Procedures

Parents, guardians, and students should be aware of and follow these procedures:

    1. A parent or guardian should call the school absence line (630) 937-8703 before 9 a.m. and leave a message each day the student will be absent. A message should be left that indicates the student’s name and reason for the absence. If a call is not made by 9 a.m., the school will contact the parent or guardian regarding their child’s absence.  
    2. As a general rule, one day of extra time is allotted for each day excused absence when scheduling makeup work.  

Homework requests can be made if the absence will go beyond one day. Students are expected to use their Chromebooks to access missed assignments and homework as well. In the case of absences that become extended, we ask that you wait another two days to request homework again. We receive numerous requests to obtain homework for absent students. We are happy to provide this service as it benefits our students. Building policy states that if parent-requested homework is not picked up two times, future homework requests for that student will not be honored.  

Late to School Procedures

  1. Any student arriving after 8 a.m. is to report directly to the Main Office to be issued a pass. Once attendance has been taken, no student will be admitted to class without a pass.  
  2. Students who demonstrate excessive tardiness or a continual pattern of tardy behavior, may be issued after-school detentions. Should tardiness continue, more serious consequences will occur.
  3. If a legitimate reason for lateness exists, parents should write a note or call the school to inform the school office. Without this communication, the tardiness will be considered unexcused.

Appointments/Vacation/Club Sports

In order to maximize academic success, every effort should be made to not miss school for club sports, doctor/dental appointment or for vacation purposes. Vacations and club sports are considered unexcused absences. Occasionally, situations may arise which make it necessary for students to be absent for these reasons. Students are responsible for missed work and for communicating with their teachers both prior to, and after the days missed.

Excessive Absenteeism

Rotolo Middle School considers absenteeism excessive when it significantly interferes with a student’s learning as reflected in academic performance or social development. Significant interference typically occurs when a student misses two or more days in one month.  Excessive absenteeism includes excessive tardiness. Kane County requires parents be contacted when their student has reached 5% (nine days) of absences in a school year. Excessive absences beyond that may result in a referral to the Kane County Truancy Department.

Excused Absences

The school district’s policy states that absences shall be excused for the following reasons: personal illness, bereavement, quarantine, family emergencies, observances of religious holidays, or planned absence initiated by a specific written request from a parent or guardian approved in advance by the principal or designee.  

Medical Documentation

If more than three days absent, parents or guardians may be required to present medical documentation of physical or emotional conditions causing a student’s absence in order for it to be marked excused.

Resources and Supportive Services

The following resources and supportive services are available to students with attendance problems and their parents or guardians: conferences with school personnel; counseling services; schedule or program changes; problem solving by the building level team; referral to community agencies.

Home and Hospital Instruction (Board Policy 6:150)

A student absent for more than two consecutive weeks because of health or physical impairment will be provided the services of a certified teacher in the home or hospital. Appropriate educational services shall begin as soon as eligibility has been established with a written statement from a licensed medical examiner and a written parental or guardian request filed in the Office of the Superintendent.   

Inclement Weather

If weather becomes a factor and you believe school may be closed, please check the district website at If you are subscribed to the RMS Messenger service, you will receive a call, email, and/or text to the identified phone numbers. Please do not call the school.  Stations that carry Rotolo School closing information include WBBM 780 AM, WLS 890 AM, WMAQ 670 AM, and WGN 720 AM.

Student Sign-In/Sign-Out

Students are not allowed to leave the school building during the day without being excused through the Main Office. Parents MUST come to the main school office and sign students out. Students waiting to be picked up by a parent will be held in this office. Students returning to school during the day must come to the Main Office and sign in.

If a student becomes ill in school, he/she should obtain a pass from his/her teacher and report to the nurse in Student Services. If school personnel deem it is in the student’s best interest to go home, the office will call parents to pick up their child. Parents must then come to the Main Office to sign their child out of school.


Rotolo Middle School considers a student truant when he/she is absent without valid cause for a school day or portion thereof, as defined in Section 26-2a of the Illinois School Code.

Chronic Truancy

Rotolo Middle School considers a student to be a chronic truant who is absent without valid cause for 5% or more of the 180 regular attendance days.

Referral of Chronic Truants

Rotolo Middle School will refer chronically truant students, as defined under Truancy, to the Kane County Regional Office of Education.

Other Attendance Questions

I’ve scheduled an appointment for my child during the school day.  What is the procedure for checking out of school early AND returning after the appointment?  Your child should report to the Main Office first thing in the morning.  He/she should have a note from a parent indicating the appointment AND requested pickup time. The office staff will then give the student a pass with this identified time on it.  The student should then report to class and inform the teacher whose class he/she will be leaving from about the scheduled appointment. At the time written on the pass, the student should report the Main Office and await parent arrival and sign-out.

My child is home sick for several days.  I’ve called the attendance line to inform the school, but how do I assure I get the homework? When you call to report the absence, request homework at that same time. All requests must be made before 10 a.m. Students are encouraged to use their Chromebooks to access homework and teacher communications. Homework is not provided unless the absence is in excess of one day.

My family is taking a short trip. My student will miss two days of school.  Do I need to notify the school office?  Yes.  However, absences for vacations are strongly discouraged and are considered unexcused. Teachers reserve the right to hold students accountable for tests, quizzes, or related work and are not obligated to provide work ahead of time.

My student is feeling sick during the afternoon and gets sent home.  By the evening, he/she is feeling much better.  Can he/she come back to school to attend an event?  No.  In order to attend an after school event, either as a spectator or participant, a student must be in attendance from 11:30 a..m. on.  If a student is sick in the morning and comes to school before 11:30, he/she may attend the event.