Student Handbooks

Early Childhood Program

Dear Preschool Families,

Welcome to Batavia District 101’s Early Childhood Program. Becoming a “preschooler” is an important step in a young child’s life.  Our goal is to make your child’s transition into preschool successful. We look forward to working with you to create a positive school experience.

We hope this handbook provides useful information about our program and answers your questions about policies and procedures. Please note that this handbook is designed for the Early Childhood Program in Batavia Public School District 101. It is not fully inclusive to all Board of Education policy. Please reference the Elementary Student Handbook and Board of Education policies for more information.

Should you have further questions please contact the Early Childhood Center at Alice Gustafson Elementary School (630-937-8000).


Kari Ruh

Assistant Director of Student Services


Mission Statement:

Always Learning, Always Growing” … by nurturing growth of the young child through developmentally appropriate early childhood experiences in collaboration with family and community.

Vision Statement
In order to become a competent and confident learner each child will

  • Use and understand language in everyday experiences
  • Engage in positive social relationships
  • Acquire and use knowledge and skills
  • Develop independence to meet own needs

We Value:

  • Decisions made in the context of what is best for our students
  • The social and emotional well-being of our students and staff
  • The belief that all students can learn
  • The ideal that students should be challenged at their highest level in all learning areas
  • Communication that is open, honest, accessible, and reciprocal among all stakeholders.