Student Handbooks

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation is available for students with disabilities if it is listed within their IEP.

Bus service is provided by Illinois Central Bus Company.  Please note:

  • Transportation routes are arranged by the bus company.
  • Families are provided estimated times for pickup and drop off.
  • The routes are adjusted throughout the school year as new students enter the program.
  • Times may vary depending upon road construction or weather.
  • You will be informed of any time changes for pickup or drop off of your child.
  • Please make sure your child is ready and waiting at the designated time.
  • You should put the Safety Vest on your child before he/she gets on the bus each day.
  • Food is not allowed on the bus for safety reasons.  
  • On days your child will not attend school due to illness etc., you must contact the bus company to let them know that your child will not need transportation.

Bus transportation services can be provided to community students for a fee through the district transportation department.  For information and fee information, please call the district office. 630-937-8813


Bus Procedures at School

  • Teachers and paraprofessionals escort the children to and from the bus each day.
  • After all children have exited the bus, the bus driver walks through the bus to assure all students have left the bus.
  • Harnesses are provided for all Early Childhood students.

Any questions or concerns about the bus service may be directed to Illinois Central Bus Company at 630-584-1658.