Student Handbooks


Before School Drop-Off and After School Pick-Up

Upon arrival, all students shall report to their designated grade level wing. Students should report immediately to their locker area and remain in their designated team/grade level location until 7:50 a.m.  First period begins at 8 a.m. Students will be allowed to enter the building beginning at 7:30 a.m. Students will only be allowed early entry with a pass from school personnel.   Individual teams may take other supervisory procedures regarding morning entry as they see necessary.  The school provides bus transportation to and from school for students who qualify.  Students who do not ride the bus shall arrive at school no earlier than 7:50 a.m. 

Bus Students:  Students may not ride to or from RMS with other students for any reason except in an emergency in which the parent has contacted an administrator and student has obtained a temporary bus pass. Most buses will be waiting for students at dismissal time. Those who need to wait for a late arriving bus should report to the cafeteria. A bus rider who is in need of help from a teacher or has been assigned detention for disciplinary reasons is expected to make other arrangements for transportation home. Students will be given 24 hour notice to make these arrangements.

Students who walk:  Unless a student has been asked to remain with a teacher for extra help, disciplinary reasons, or participation in a special activity, he/she is expected to leave the building and school grounds by 3:10 p.m. The building will be “swept” of lingering students. They will be provided with a disciplinary consequence. Students waiting for rides may wait in the main lobby entrance.

Traffic Pattern

There are two main lots available for use. The front (east) lot is for visitor parking. Parents dropping off and picking up students should use this lot at all times. The rear (west) lot has been designated for staff and faculty parking. This is also the area where all bus traffic will load and unload students. It is very important not to mix auto and bus traffic. Since the majority of Rotolo Middle School students ride a school bus, this back area will be a very busy place. The less auto traffic in this area, the safer the facility. Again, visitor traffic will be restricted to the front parking area. Parents meeting students for a ride will need to meet students at the main entrance – by the front (visitor) parking lot.

During non-school times (after 3:45 p.m., Saturdays, etc.), the rear lot may be used for general parking for events such as concerts, athletics, orientation, etc.

Traffic—For Students

With the large numbers of students being picked-up and dropped-off, along with increased bus traffic, your safety is in danger unless all students observe extreme caution. You are expected to observe the following regulations in regards to being a pedestrian:

  1. Cross the streets only at designated areas
  2. Walk, do not run, across streets
  3. Be extremely careful in the parking lots. Be aware of auto traffic pulling out of parking spaces that may not see you. Never walk in front of a bus or stand behind it. 
  4. For safety reasons, skateboards as well as roller blades and/or roller skates are not allowed on school grounds.  Because of the cost of some of these items, students are encouraged to NOT bring them to school.


All bicycles must be parked on the school grounds in the available bike racks. The bike racks are located at the end of the trail extension near the rear parking lot. We insist that all students have locks on their bikes. The school can accept no responsibility for stolen, “borrowed” or damaged bicycles. Students are to have their bikes properly parked in the bike rack. Students are only allowed one space on the bike rack when locking bikes. Do not lock your bike across several spaces, or to another bike. Please understand that each student assumes the risk and responsibility for damage occurring to individual bicycles. You are expected to observe traffic regulations pertaining to bicycles and should therefore not be riding through neighbor’s front or back yards. Students should gain access to the bike rack from the bike path/trail, NOT Raddant Road.

Bus Questions

My family lives less than 1.5 miles away from the school and therefore does not qualify for free bus transportation.  Is there a way I can purchase this service and how much does it cost?

You can purchase the service by contacting the central office.  All arrangements for this service should be made through the district central office.

My child would like to take the bus home with a friend. Is that OK?

Students may not ride on a bus that is not their own. In emergency situations only, permission and a special bus pass may be issued with parent contact to an administrator at Rotolo Middle School. Students who attempt to board a bus that is not theirs will be escorted off.

I’ve forgotten my pass in the morning. Since I’m not yet at school to get a temporary pass, how do I get on the bus?   

While students should always present their pass to the driver, we understand that this may happen. Drivers have been instructed to transport all students who are at the stop to school. If the driver has a serious question about someone actually attending Rotolo Middle School during an a.m. route, they should contact the terminal, which should contact the school. Drivers should not leave any student at the bus stop.

Why do we need bus passes anyway?

Bus passes provide our students with a degree of safety.  Oftentimes, substitutes drive routes and may not know who the students are. For various reasons, a route may have several different drivers during the school year.  Passes also help the driver identify misbehaving students. It provides an accurate account of who was actually involved in an incident on the bus. Despite the fact that some drivers may drive one route all year, other drivers transport students for elementary routes and for other charter services. Drivers not only drive for Rotolo Middle School, but may also drive routes for other school districts that have contracted the service.