Student Handbooks

Gross Misconduct and Acts Which Endanger Others

Gross Misconduct and acts which endanger others include, but are not limited to:

  • Gang activity
    • Gang activity at Rotolo Middle School is prohibited. Continued insistence on the part of the student to demonstrate his/her involvement or affiliation will result in a recommendation to the Board of Education for expulsion from school. Gang activity includes, but is not limited to:
      • Wearing, possessing, using, distributing, displaying, selling any clothing, jewelry, emblem badge, symbol, sign or other items which evidences membership or affiliation in a gang.
      • Committing any act or using communication either verbal or nonverbal (gestures, handshakes, etc) showing membership or affiliation in a gang.
      • Drawing gang-related graffiti on any item in or around school, or distributing gang-related literature.
      • Any other activity in furtherance of the gang that violates Board policy.
  • Assault, battery or hazing of school personnel
  • Theft, extortion or vandalism
    • Theft or vandalism to school property, lockers, the property of school personnel, or the property of other students is forbidden.  
    • Students who obtain control over stolen property, knowing the property to have been stolen, or such circumstances as would reasonable induce him/her to believe the property was stolen.
    • Forced entry into classrooms, lockers, or other locked areas of the school.  
    • Restitution (BOE Policy 7:170) and possible referral to the police may result from these infractions.
  • Weapons violation
    • No student shall possess, handle, or transmit any type of knife, razor, explosive of any kind, gun, BB gun, metal knuckles or other object (including regular daily objects such as pencils, pens, and the like) that can reasonably be considered a weapon, dangerous instrument, or object capable of firing a projectile. This regulation includes any look-alike objects that may have the appearance of a weapon or dangerous instrument, as well as any threat or inappropriate comment regarding weapon use. The appropriate police authorities will be notified, and depending upon the severity of the infraction, expulsion proceedings may be initiated.
  • Illegal substances violation
    • The Batavia School Board of Education has reaffirmed policies regarding disciplinary action for students with regard to illegal substances including, but not limited to:
      • Possession, use, transfer, sale arranging or soliciting for the use, sale or purchase of a drug, prescription medication, narcotic, alcoholic beverage, or “look-alike” drug is prohibited.
      • Possession, use, transfer, sale, arranging or soliciting for the use, sale or purchase of any over the counter drug not dispensed by the building nurse, or possession of any drug-type paraphernalia is prohibited.
      • Being under the influence or use of any drug, narcotic, or alcoholic beverage is prohibited.
      • The above are prohibited on all school buses, at all school bus stops, on all school property, at all areas within a reasonable relationship to the school, and at any school-sponsored activity in or away from school at any time of day.
      • The above policies also include the non-medical use of any substance which changes behavior (excessive use of diet pills, breath sprays, dust-off cans, etc).
      • A person shall be deemed in possession of the substance it if is reasonable for the person to gain access to it (on the student’s person, locker, purse, book bag, backpack, etc).
  • Bomb threat or endangering act
    • Any student who contacts the school with a bomb threat, calls in or pulls a fire alarm falsely, attempts arson or commits any type of endangering act.
  • Police authorities will be contacted.