Student Handbooks

Serious Violations or Misconduct

Serious violations or misconduct may include, but are not limited to:

  • Disrespect/Defiance/Noncompliance/Insubordination of a staff member
    • Students should respect and comply with all directives given by a staff member at Rotolo Middle School. Insubordination is defined as a refusal to comply with school rules and regulations or refusal to obey reasonable directions or instructions of school personnel. It is expected that students cooperate with and respect the authority of all adult personnel: teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, secretaries, custodians, bus drivers, and cafeteria staff. It shall be the determination of school administrators as to the severity of the disrespect, defiance, noncompliance, or insubordination.
  • Failure to serve assigned office assigned discipline
  • Pushing, shoving, or horseplay that could harm, or is harmful to another
  • Forgery
    • False calls to the school attempting to represent a parent or guardian, signing the name of a parent, guardian, or school staff member, is not acceptable.
  • Lying/Cheating (including plagiarism)
    • Rotolo Middle School supports an environment that teaches and encourages honesty and integrity. In addition to receiving a lowered grade on the assignment/test, school discipline consequences will be administered.
  • Inappropriate language
    • Use of obscene, vulgar, abusive, inappropriate or discriminatory language or gestures is not tolerated. Disciplinary action will be based on the seriousness and/or repetition of the offense. Drawings and pictures of inappropriate topics (drugs, alcohol, violence, gang-related symbols, etc) can also be considered inappropriate language.
  • Classroom disruption
    • Behavior that disrupts the normal classroom learning environment will not be tolerated. Each teacher has his/her own set of classroom behavioral expectations which includes appropriate progressive consequences. Continued classroom infractions may result in a referral to the Assistant Principal or Dean who will apply the appropriate disciplinary consequences. At the discretion of the administration, items confiscated from students may be discarded or returned to the student at the end of the school year.