4:170-AP9: Safety of Student Ambulation and Mobility Devices

The following concepts shall be reviewed and considered annually for each student who requires the assistance of a mobility device to ambulate (e.g., wheelchair): 

Daily Needs

At least annually, the School Nurse, in cooperation with occupational and physical therapists, shall review and document the daily needs of each student’s assistance of a mobility device to ambulate. Factors to be considered shall include:

  • Self care, including toileting, feeding
  • Transfers
  • Positioning
  • Safety considerations in the educational environment

The student’s daily needs shall be recorded in the District’s student information system (i.e., PowerSchool) and shared with all staff who work directly with the student.  Furthermore, such staff shall be trained annually on the mobility device and any adaptive equipment operation by an appropriately certified professional. Training should follow the framework set forth by Northern Illinois Association (NIA), the District’s therapy contract service provider, and in alignment with best practices. 

Peer/ Social Situations

Students who utilize mobility devices in the school setting should ambulate themselves to the maximum extent possible. Peers supporting these students shall not provide assistance with ambulation.

Emergencies and Evacuation

Each student who requires mobility support shall have an emergency evacuation plan that considers the student’s mobility limitations and the evacuation plan of the school, particularly areas of rescue assistance.  The student shall receive personalized instruction on the emergency evacuation plan, and staff members who work regularly and directly with the student shall rehearse specialized evacuation during one or more school evacuation drills.

All class rosters used for Accounting for All Persons shall indicate the special needs of students.


Annually, parents or guardians of students shall:

  1. Provide verification of maintenance and safety of the mobility device utilized.  
  2. Be provided wheelchair transportation guidelines as recommended by the Board’s insurance carrier. 

Furthermore, the District shall make available, in conjunction with Northern Illinois Association, an annual clinic for families of students who require assistance of a mobility device. The clinic shall include certified professionals inspect mobility devices for wear, sizing, positioning, and any possible need for maintenance or adjustment.

Date Adopted: July 2022