5:250-E1 – School Visitation Leave Verification Form

School Board Policy 5:250 and 5:250-AP1-School Visitation Leave provides employees the right to take unpaid leave to participate in up to 8 hours per school year of school conferences or school activities related to their child or children. No more than 4 hours of such unpaid School Visitation Leave may be taken on any single day. An employee returning from an unpaid School Visitation Leave must provide the building principal written verification of the visitation signed by the school administrator of the school visited. In order to comply with this requirement please have the appropriate school administrator complete the information below and then return the signed document to your principal/supervisor. The principal/supervisor will, in turn, forward this document to the Human Resources Department for inclusion in your personnel file.

I ___________________ confirm that M/M _____________________ did participate in a school visit or school activity on _________________. __________________________________

Date Adopted:   April 7, 2009

Date Amended: April 22, 2015