5:250-AP1 -School Visitation Leave

Eligible employees

These administrative procedures apply to both professional staff and educational service personnel.  An employee is eligible for a school visitation leave if he or she has worked for the District at least six consecutive months immediately before the request and works at least one-half of the full-time equivalent position. 820 ILCS 147/40. Periods when school is not in session will not count as a break in consecutive service.

School Visitation Leave

An employee is entitled to eight hours during any school year, no more than four hours of which may be taken on any given day, to attend school conferences, behavioral meetings, or academic meetings related to the employee’s child, if the conference or meeting cannot be scheduled during non-work hours. Employees must first use all accrued vacation leave, personal leave, compensatory leave, and any other leave that may be granted to the employee, except sick and disability leave. 820 ILCS 147/15.


An employee must request a school conference and activity leave in writing at least seven days in advance; in an emergency situation, 24 hours’ notice is required. The employee must consult with the employer to schedule the leave so as to minimize disruption. 820 ILCS 147/15. A leave request may be denied if granting the leave would result in more than 5% of the work force, or work force shift, taking leave at the same time. 820 ILCS 147/49.


A school visitation leave is unpaid. The District will attempt, however, to give the employee the opportunity to make-up the time taken for such a leave, subject to the requirements relating to reduction of pay of exempt employees in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. 820 ILCS 147/20. The employee taking a visitation leave will not lose any benefits. 820 ILCS 147/35.


An employee returning from a school visitation leave must provide the Building Principal with verification of the visitation from the school administrator of the school visited. Failure to provide this verification within two working days of the visitation will subject the employee to the standard disciplinary procedures for unexcused absences from work. 820 ILCS 147/30.

Legal Reference(s): 

820 ILCS 147/ School Visitation Rights Act

Date Adopted:  March 13, 2008

Date Amended:  June 20, 2017

Date Amended:  January 21, 2020