5:320 Evaluation

Please refer to the current “Negotiated Agreement between the Board of Education and the Batavia Education Support Professional Association.”

For those employees not covered by this Agreement:

The job performance of educational support staff not covered by a bargaining agreement will be evaluated by his/her direct supervisor.

The evaluation process includes scheduled annual evaluations, on forms applicable to the job classification, and day-to-day appraisals.  Evaluations should be completed before the annual salary review.

Supervisors shall provide a copy of the completed evaluation to the employee and shall provide an opportunity to discuss it.  The original should be signed by the employee and filed with the Superintendent.

As appropriate, supervisors should discuss job performance issues that require attention with employees.

The supervision of every employee shall include continuing informal evaluation and constructive suggestions toward improvement of performance.

In addition to the continuing informal evaluation, there shall be a formal evaluation procedure.

The purposes of the formal evaluation are:

  1. Assessment of performance for retention, reassignment, promotion or salary advancement;
  2. Improvement of performance through constructive suggestions which will help the employee realize his full potential;
  3. Maintaining in each employee’s personnel record a report of his performance in the District. The employee may respond with a written statement which shall be attached to his record.

Date Adopted: 12/19/2006