5:100 Staff Development Program

The Superintendent or designee shall implement a staff development program. The goal of such program shall be to update and improve the skills and knowledge of staff members in order to achieve and maintain a high level of job performance and satisfaction. Additionally, the development program for licensed staff members shall be designed to effectuate the District and School Improvement Plans so that student learning objectives meet or exceed goals established by the District and State.

The staff development program shall provide, at a minimum, at least once every two years, the in-service training of licensed school personnel and administrators on current best practices regarding the identification and treatment of attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the application of non-aversive behavioral interventions in the school environment, and the use of psychotropic or psychostimulant medication for school-age children.

The staff development program shall provide, at a minimum, once every two years, the in-service training of all District staff on educator ethics, teacher-student conduct, and school employee-student conduct.

The Superintendent shall develop protocols for administering youth suicide awareness and prevention education to staff consistent with Board policy 7:290, Adolescent Suicide and Depression Awareness and Prevention Programs.

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Cross References:

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Administrative Procedures:  

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7:250-AP1 Measures to Control the Spread of Head Lice at School

Date Adopted:   February 22, 2011

Date Amended:  September 23, 2014

Date Amended:  June 20, 2017

Date Amended:  September 22, 2020