5:100 Staff Development Program

The Superintendent or designee shall implement a staff development program and annually report to the Board of Education the planned activities and actual cost of professional development for all employees.

Guiding Principles of Professional


The Staff Development Program will be designed to promote the continuous growth of all employees in order to improve student achievement/performance. The Staff Development Program will align with current district strategic plans and school improvement plans, and will be evaluated on its effectiveness in supporting these plans. The evaluation of the Staff Development Program will incorporate goal-setting, data analysis, and staff reflections. Professional development opportunities will be offered based on the greatest areas of need related to strategic and improvement plans. Professional development opportunities are most valuable when they are developed collaboratively, imbedded into the work year and workday, delivered in an ongoing manner, differentiated to address various levels of expertise, and incorporate the use of research-based strategies. The Staff Development Program is based upon fostering collective responsibility among all staff for improved student performance within a continuous cycle of improvement. Both internal and external resources may be used to address critical staff development needs.

Required Staff Development for Licensed Staff

At least once every twp years, the in-service training of licensed school personnel and administrators shall include training on current best practices regarding the identification and treatment of attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the application of non-aversive behavioral interventions in the school environment, and the use of psychotropic or psychostimulant medication for school-age children.

Required Staff Development for All Staff

At least every two years, the Superintendent or designee must arrange an in-service for school personnel who work with students; the in-service shall be conducted by persons with expertise in domestic and sexual violence and the needs of expectant and parenting youth. The in-service shall include: (a) communicating with and listening to youth victims of domestic or sexual violence and expectant and parenting youth, (b) connecting youth victims of domestic or sexual violence and expectant and parenting youth to appropriate in-school services and other agencies, programs and services as needed, and (c) implementing the School District’s policies, procedures, and protocols with regard to such youth, including confidentiality.

The staff development program shall provide, at a minimum, once every 2 years, the in-service training of all District staff on educator ethics, teacher-student conduct, and school employee-student conduct.

All staff members are encouraged to acquire, develop, and maintain the knowledge and skills necessary to properly administer life-saving techniques and first aid, including the Heimlich maneuver, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the use of an automatic external defibrillator, in accordance with a nationally recognized certifying organization.  The staff development program may include training and services of experts in life-saving techniques to instruct teachers and other school personnel.

Professional Growth and Institute Planning

Please refer to the current Negotiated Agreement between the Board of Education and the Batavia Education Association and the current Negotiated Agreement between the Board of Education and the Batavia Education Support Professional Association.

Cross Reference: 

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Legal Reference(s): 

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Date Adopted:   February 22, 2011

Date Amended:  September 23, 2014

Date Amended:  June 20, 2017