Student Handbooks


Students who choose to eat lunch at school may either bring a sack lunch or participate in the school’s lunch program.  All elementary schools only serve a government approved, Type A hot lunch, which does include milk. White or chocolate milk may also be purchased separately.  View menus online.

Lunch Payment

SchoolCafe allows parents to purchase lunches and milks online. Instead of students using a lunch ticket to pay, they will pay electronically using a finger scan. Parents who do not wish to use a credit/debit card to make lunch purchases can send a personal check to the school office. The student’s account will be credited within a 48 hour period. Parents who have not granted permission for their student(s) to be finger scanned are still encouraged to utilize Parent Online to make payments for school lunches and milks.

Access Parent Online from BPS101 Website

  • Click on “Parents” button located in the upper right hand corner of the home page.  
  • Click on “Online Payments” and then choose “SchoolCafe.”
  • If you are new to SchoolCafe, you will be asked to complete an initial registration.
  • The first time you complete the registration, you will be asked for the student’s id number. If you do not know your student’s id number, please contact your child’s school office.

Free and Reduced Lunches

Free and reduced lunches are available to children of eligible families. It is necessary to complete a qualifying application, which is available in each school building office.

Bringing Lunch from Home

Our lunchrooms operate under a reduced-waste philosophy. Our intent is to encourage our students to become more conscious of the amount of waste materials resulting from daily habits and to recycle items whenever possible. Your support in using reusable items such as Tupperware or sending recyclable materials in lunches brought from home is much appreciated.  To encourage a well-balanced lunch and reduce the amount of uneaten food, please monitor the amount of food and types of food sent.

Due to the number of students with food allergies and restricted diets, as well as the desire to ensure that what students bring from home is what they eat, students are discouraged from sharing food with other students.

It is considered a privilege to eat lunch in the school lunchroom. Lunchroom behavior must be appropriate or the privilege may be removed for individual students.

Students will go outside for lunch recess unless the air temperature or wind chill is below zero or there is a steady rain.  Please be sure your child is dressed for the weather.