Student Handbooks

Field Trips

Each year teachers plan a limited number of field trips to support and enrich their curriculum units.  Whether students are walking or riding a bus, written parent permission must be given in order for a student to participate in any field trip.  The cost of field trips are generally the responsibility of the parents with some support from building Parent Teacher Organizations.  While on field trips students are held accountable to the bus rules found in the section entitled School Bus Information in this handbook.  

Chaperone Responsibilities

Many parents volunteer to help teachers take their students on field trips and other outside activities.  All field trip chaperones must be approved by the building principal. Approved chaperones shall participate in all aspects of the field trip, including transportation. The help provided by the chaperones enables us to make these trips as productive as possible. The following guidelines have been prepared to help chaperones understand their responsibilities and school district expectations for this type of parent involvement:

  • Familiarize yourself with the general instructions to the students and enforce those instructions.
  • Learn the names and faces in your assigned group and frequently check in with them to be sure all are present.
  • Keep your assigned group with you throughout the field trip, including time on the bus.
  • Schedule regular washroom breaks.
  • Never allow individuals to leave the group, except in emergencies, and under no circumstances alone.
  • Report major and/or continued infractions to the teacher as soon as possible.  Chaperones are not to punish students.
  • Be on time for use of lunch facilities and at designated meeting places for departure.
  • ALWAYS BE SAFETY CONSCIOUS. The children in your group are your responsibility.  You have the authority to enforce the rules for appropriate behavior.
  • For liability and supervision reasons, students not enrolled in the class taking the field trip are not allowed to accompany a chaperone.