Student Handbooks

Instrumental Music Program

Instrumental music begins with an extensive testing program for each fourth grade student. The test includes tonal memory, pitch discrimination and rhythmical recognition. On the basis of the student’s test results and teacher recommendation, they are invited to join the instrumental music program. Students receiving low results or poor recommendations are allowed to join; however, the parents are made aware of the situation.

Students begin lessons on instruments the summer before fifth grade. A concerted effort is made to recruit a complete band instrumentation and full complement of strings. Students furnish their own instruments with the exception of larger instruments, i.e., string bass, tuba, etc.

During the school year, students are given lessons in small instrument classes. These lessons are held during the regular school day. In late September, the fifth-grade band and orchestra begin regular rehearsals with students from all elementary schools meeting before school for a 50-minute rehearsal, once a week.

Please contact the band or orchestra instructor at your child’s school for more information.