Student Handbooks

Food Allergy Management Plan 

School attendance may increase a student’s risk of exposure to allergens that could trigger a food-allergic reaction. A food allergy is an adverse reaction to a food protein mediated by the immune system which immediately reacts causing the release of histamine and other inflammatory chemicals and mediators. While it is not possible for the District to completely eliminate the risks of exposure to allergens when a student is at school, a Food Allergy Management Program using a cooperative effort among students’ families, staff members, and students helps the District reduce these risks and provide accommodations and proper treatment for allergic reactions.

Foods and Treats for Celebrations

Food for school/class events, birthday celebrations or rewards will not be allowed.  Issues related to food allergy management, loss of instructional time, disparity, and the district’s commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle have contributed to the development of this procedure consistent with BOE policies 7:285 and 6:050. If you have a specific event or school business partnership that you would like considered as an exception, please see the building principal. All food not approved by the building principal will be returned to the parent/guardian.