Student Handbooks


If you desire to talk to your child’s teacher, please call the school office and request the voicemail box for your child’s teacher. Leave your name and telephone number and the teacher will be glad to call you back when convenient. Please do not expect to talk directly to teachers during school hours unless the call is of an emergency nature. Further, students are not allowed to use the telephone during the school day except in an emergency or if directed by their teacher. You may also communicate with your student’s teacher using the BPS101 staff directory.

Alice Gustafson
905 Carlisle Road
Main Office: (630) 937-8000
Kristen Stevens, Principal

H. C. Storm
305 N. Van Nortwick Avenue
Main Office: (630) 937-8200
Chris Milka, Principal

Grace McWayne
3501 Hapner Way
Main Office: (630) 937-8100
Jeff Modaff, Principal

Louise White
800 N. Prairie Street
Main Office: (630) 937-8500
Dr. Kevin Skomer, Principal

J.B. Nelson
334 William Wood Lane
Main Office: (630) 937-8400
Nicole Prentiss, Principal

1640 Wagner Road
Main Office: (630) 937-8300
Gina Greenwald, Principal