Student Handbooks

Behavioral Interventions/Consequences

In compliance with Public Act 99-456 behavioral interventions will be implemented on a case by case basis. Interventions may include, but are not limited to behavior contracts, detentions, in-school suspensions, out-of-school suspensions, restitution, or other restorative discipline opportunities.

Lunch/Recess Detentions

Lunch/Recess detentions are assigned at the discretion of an Administrator or designee. Students are expected to follow the rules and regulations set by the assigning staff member. Failure to serve a lunch/recess detention will result in alternative disciplinary action.

In-School Suspension

In School Suspension (ISS) is a behavioral intervention intended to allow students to regain a proper learning mindset. Full day In School Suspension lasts from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Students may be given an ISS for a portion or an entire school day depending on the severity of the infraction. Students will be supervised.  Students are expected to comply with the rules given below.

  1. Students must cooperate and show respect for the supervisor at all times.
  2. Students will sit in seats assigned by the supervisor and may not leave them without the supervisor’s permission. Students must remain seated at all times in a proper upright position and may not move desks in the room. Students may not place their head on the desk.
  3. No talking is permitted in ISS unless a student raises his/her hand and is granted permission to ask a question of the supervisor.
  4. Students will have access to the necessary textbooks, assigned reading materials, paper, pens, pencils and supplies.  
  5. Assignments, tests, quizzes, and other work will be delivered for students to complete. Students must be working on these assignments.
  6. No iPods, Mp3 players, cell phones, or any other electronic device will be allowed in ISS. Such items will be confiscated and returned according to school policy. Chromebooks are allowed at the supervisor’s discretion. Earbuds and headphones are not permitted unless necessary for academic purposes. Supervisor permission must be obtained.
  7. Using Chromebooks for non-academic purposes (Games, Unauthorized sites etc.) will result in the Chromebook being confiscated.

Students who fail to comply with the above regulations will be removed from ISS and issued additional disciplinary consequences, including but not limited to Out of School Suspension or additional ISS time.

Suspension and Expulsion

The Superintendent, or any building administrator, may suspend students if their continued presence in school would pose a threat to school safety or a disruption to other students’ learning opportunities (105 ILSC 5/10-22.6 (b15) for a period not to exceed ten (10) school days for each incident of such behavior. If a weekend or a vacation occurs during the time of the suspension, the student is not allowed on school property or to participate in school activities until the day they return to school from their suspension. (Board Policy 7:200)  

Only the Board of Education may expel students guilty of gross disobedience or misconduct in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Board Policy Manual and the Illinois School Code. Board Policy 7:210)

Students who are suspended out-of-school for longer than four school days will be provided appropriate and available support services during the period of their suspension. 105 ILCS 5/10-22.6(b-25)

Students who are suspended will be given the opportunity to make up work for equivalent academic credit. This includes students suspended from the school bus who do not have alternate transportation to school so long as the student’s parent/guardians notify school officials that the student does not have alternate transportation to school. 105 ILCS 5/10-22.6(b-25). However, if a student is on suspension and awaiting a determination about expulsion by the school board, work completed may not count for credit if the student is expelled by the Board of Education. Suspended and expelled students may not participate in any extra-curricular activities, practices, etc., during the suspension or expulsion period. Suspended and expelled students are not to be on the school grounds and are subject to more severe penalties, if this occurs.

School board policy gives parents the right to have a 3rd party review facts of a suspension within ten (10) days of the suspension. The suspension will remain in effect during the appeal process.

Misconduct of Students with Disabilities (BOE Policy 7:230)

Behavioral interventions shall be used with students with disabilities to promote and strengthen desirable behaviors and reduce identified inappropriate behaviors. The Board of Education will establish and maintain a committee to develop, implement, and monitor procedures on the use of behavioral interventions for children with disabilities.

Due Process Procedure (BOE Policy 7:200, 7:210)

In disciplinary cases where a student is removed from school for a day or longer (out-of-school suspension), the district affords a due process appeal procedure. The student shall be informed of the changed and have the right to respond. Upon request of the parent or guardian, an appeal of the suspension may be made to the principal of the school. If the parent or guardian does not feel that a satisfactory resolution has occurred at the school building level, they may request a hearing at the district level.  Upon receipt of this request, the Board of Education shall conduct a hearing or a hearing officer appointed by it to review the suspension. At the hearing, the parent or guardian of the student may appear and discuss the suspension with the Board or its hearing officer. If a hearing officer is appointed by the Board, he/she shall report to the Board a written summary of the evidence heard at the meeting. After the hearing or upon receipt of the report of the hearing officer, the Board may take such action as it finds appropriate.

A student whose presence poses a continuing danger to persons or property, or poses an on-going threat or disruption to the academic process may be immediately removed from school. In such cases, the requirements of due process proceedings will follow as soon as possible.

For a comprehensive view of Board of Education Policy regarding discipline, please visit District 101 Board Discipline Policy.