7:060-AP3 Registration of Non-Resident Students

Non-resident students who, at the time of registration, are non-residents but will move into the District within the next 60 days may be permitted to enroll with the approval of the Superintendent or designee.

To register, the parent or legal guardian shall present appropriate evidence that the student will establish residency in the District with the next 60 days, consisting of:

  • A fully executed contract for purchase of a residence;
  • A fully executed lease of such a residence; or
  • Similar evidence that is satisfactory to the Superintendent or designee.

Enrollment is contingent upon the parent or guardian signing a written agreement stipulating that, if the student is not a resident within 60 days, the student will be dis-enrolled and non-resident tuition for the days attended will be due per 105 ILCS 10-20.12a.

The student shall provide residency documentation as outlined in 7:060-AP2 within 60 days.  If, after 60 days, has not provided such documentation or student is determined to be a non-resident, the student shall be immediately dis-enrolled per 7:060 Residence.

In no circumstances shall transportation be provided until the student is an official resident and is deemed eligible for free transportation.

Date Adopted:  July 18, 2017