7:325 Student Fundraising Activities


No individual or organization is allowed to ask students to participate in fundraising activities while the students are on school grounds during school hours or during any school activity.  Exceptions are:

  1. School-sponsored student organizations; and
  2. Parent organizations and booster clubs that are recognized pursuant to policy 8:090 Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs.

Proposals for fundraising activities involving students shall be submitted to the Building Principal or designee for approval in writing.  The Building Principal or designee shall consider the following directives when approving student fundraising activities as appropriate:

  1. Fundraising efforts shall not conflict with instructional activities or programs.
  2. For any school that participates in the School Breakfast Program or the National School Lunch Program, fundraising activities involving the sale of food and beverage items to students during the school day while on the school campus must comply with the Illinois State Board of Education rules concerning the sale of competitive food and beverage items.
  3. Participation in fundraising efforts must be voluntary.
  4. Student safety must be paramount.
  5. For school-sponsored student organizations, a school staff member must supervise the fundraising activities and the Treasurer must safeguard the financial accounts.
  6. The fundraising efforts must be to support the organization’s purposes and/or activities, the general welfare, a charitable cause, or the educational experiences of students generally.  Funds may not be raised or used for payment to District staff members.
  7. The funds shall be used to the maximum extent possible for the designated purpose and the purpose shall be clearly stated and shared with donors.
  8. Any fundraising efforts that solicit donor messages for incorporation into school property (e.g., tiles or bricks) or placement upon school property (e.g., posters or placards) must:
    1. Develop viewpoint neutral guidelines for the creations of messages;
    2. Inform potential donors that all messages are subject to review and approval, and that messages that do not meet the established guidelines must be resubmitted or the donation will be returned; and
    3. Place a disclaimer on all fundraising information and near the completed donor messages that all messages are “solely the expression of the individual donors and not an endorsement by the District of any message’s content.”

Cross Reference: 

4:090 Student Activity and Fiduciary Funds

4:120 Food Services

8:080 Gifts to the District

8:090 Parent Organizations and Booster Clubs

Legal Reference(s): 

105 ILCS 5/10-20.19(3).

Date Adopted:    June 23, 2009

Date Amended:  December 20, 2016

Dated Amended:  January 19, 2021