7:060-AP2 – Establishing Student Residency

Actor Requirements and Actions that Must Be Completed
Anyone Seeking to Enroll a Student Must present a certified or registered birth certificate for the student.

Must present proof of residency within the District by providing the required number of documents from each of the following categories.

Category I (one document required)

  • Most recent property tax bill and proof of payment, e.g. canceled check for Form 1098 (homeowners)
  • Mortgage papers (homeowners)
  • Signed and dated lease and proof of last month’s payment, e.g. canceled check or receipts (renters)
  • Letter from manager and proof of last month’s payment, e.g. canceled check or receipt (trailer park residents)
  • Official mail received from a State, County, City or Village or a Federal Government Agency (must include first and last name of applicant and complete current address)
  • Letter of residence from landlord in lieu of lease (7:60 AP2)
  • Letter of residence to be used when the person seeking to enroll a student is living with a District resident (7:60 AP2)

Category II (Two documents showing proper address are required)

  • Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Voter Registration
  • Most recent cable television and/or credit card bill
  • Current Public Aid card
  • Current homeowners/renters insurance policy and premium payment receipt
  • Most recent gas, electric and/or water bill

Examples of Unacceptable Documents

  • Bond Receipt or Bond Card
  • Business Card
  • Check Cashing Card
  • Club/Fraternal Membership Card
  • College or University ID Card
  • Commercially produced (non-State or unofficial) ID Card
  • Fishing License
  • HFS (Healthcare and Family Services) Card
  • Handwritten ID/Employment Card
  • Hunting License
  • Instruction Permit/Receipt
  • Insurance and or Bail Bond Card
  • Library Card
  • Personal Mail
  • Telephone Bills
  • Temporary Driver’s License
  • Traffic Citation (Arrest Ticket)
  • Video Club Membership Card
  • Wallet ID
  • Unlicensed Financial Institution Loan Papers

Military Personnel Enrolling a Student for the First Time in the District

Must provide one of the following within 60 days after the date of student’s initial enrollment

  • Postmarked mail addressed to military personnel
  • Lease agreement for occupancy
  • Proof of ownership of residence

IMPORTANT:  The School District reserves the right to evaluate the evidence presented, and merely presenting the items listed in this Procedure does not guarantee admission.

WARNING:  If a student is determined to be a non-resident of the District for whom tuition must be charged, the persons enrolling the student are liable for non-resident tuition from the date the student began attending a District school as a non-resident.

A person who knowingly enrolls or attempts to enroll in this School District on a tuition-free basis a student known by that person to be a non-resident of the District is guilty of a Class C misdemeanor, except in very limited situations as defined in State law.

A person who knowingly or willfully presents to the School District any false information regarding the residency of a student for the purpose of enabling that student to attend any school in that District without the payment of a non-resident tuition charge is guilty of a Class C misdemeanor.

Anyone with a Custody Order Seeking to Enroll a Student Presents court order, agreement judgment, or decree that awards or gives custody of the student to any person (including divorce decrees awarding custody to one or both parents).
Non-Parent Seeking to Enroll a Student Must complete a sign Evidence of Non-Parent’s Custody, Control, and Responsibility of Student Form, School Board Exhibit 7:60-AP2.

Date Adopted:  05/11/2011