5:260-E1 Guidelines for Student Teaching Placement

Cooperating Teachers

When selecting a cooperating teacher, principals and/or designees should consider the following criteria:

• University guidelines for student teacher qualifications

• Negotiated Agreement between the Board of Education and Batavia Education Association

• Teacher experience

• Teacher past performance ratings

• Past cooperating teacher performance

• Frequency of acting as a cooperating teacher

• Student needs


Actor Responsibilities
Curriculum and Instruction Division

• Coordinate placements with building principals and the Director of Student Services

• Communicate with universities regarding the status of placements and the documentation needed

• Confirm compliance with district policies • Assess the process used for student teaching placements

• Submit Request for Network ID Form

Technology Division • Process Request for Network ID Form

• Provide district log-in, email, and photo identification (no building access card)

School and Principal

• Follow the procedures for placement of a student teacher (See AP1: Guideline for Placing a Student Teacher) • For accepted candidates, submit the name of the cooperating teacher, grade/subject area, and start and end dates for the student teaching experience

• Provide access to equipment necessary to perform duties and accomplish the agreement with the university

• Upon request, the principal and/or designee should provide the student teacher with a mock-interview before the completion of the student teaching experience

• A principal or designee should observe the student teacher during his/her placement

Cooperating Teacher

• Facilitate a gradual release of responsibility model for student teachers (observation, sample lessons, co-teaching, independent teaching)*

• Provide feedback on a student teacher’s work at all stages in the process

• Complete feedback and evaluation forms as required by the university

• Communicate with students and parents as to the role of the student teacher and communication protocols

• Communicate the progress of the student teacher to the principal or designee

Student Teacher

• Follow the procedures for obtaining a student teaching placement

• Provide the necessary documents for obtaining a student teaching placement

• Submit a Request for Network ID form to the Curriculum and Instruction Division

• Set up an intake appointment prior to starting his/her student teaching with Technology (630-937-8854)

• Become familiar with the Framework for Teaching • Maintain confidentiality

• Comply with District policies and procedures

• Return photo ID and any district/teacher owned materials


*Gradual Release of Responsibility Guidelines

85% of a cooperating teacher’s time should be spent in the following activities within the classroom:

• Co-teaching

• Supervising

• Modeling instructional strategies

• Providing feedback

• Working with small groups of students for enrichment or remediation

• Providing feedback to the student teacher

• Other feedback strategies as determined by the cooperating and student teacher

Consult the university guidelines for more information about specific experiences and feedback types.

Date Approved: November 16, 2011