5:220 AP1 Substitute Teachers

Minimum Qualifications of the Substitute Teacher

Substitute teachers are generally required to have one of the following that is valid in Illinois:

  1. Professional educator license or professional educator license with stipulations that required a bachelor’s degree for issuance
  2. Substitute teaching license

Exceptions in 105 ILCS 5/21B-20(2)(E) and (F) allow individuals who do not hold a bachelor’s degree to substitute teach in career and technical education classrooms if they hold an educator license with stipulations and such license holds: a career and technical educator endorsement; a provisional career and technical educator endorsement; or a part-time provisional career and technical educator endorsement.

Additionally, any individual who serves as a substitute teacher for driver’s education must be endorsed for driver’s education pursuant to 23 Ill.Admin.Code §25.100(k), amended at 42 Ill.Reg. 8884.

Minimum Qualifications of the Short-Term Substitute Teacher 

Short-term substitute teachers must:

  1. Hold a valid Short-Term Substitute Teaching License; and
  2. Have completed the District’s short-term substitute teacher training program.

The District’s short-term substitute teacher training program provides short-term substitutes with information on curriculum, classroom management techniques, school safety, and District and building operations. This training program is also available to individuals who hold a Substitute Teaching License and/or substitute teachers holding a Professional Educator License.

Personnel File Requirements

All substitute teachers shall have each of the following documents on file with the District Administrative Office.

  1. Completed application for employment and transcript of college credits
  2. Evidence of license registration
  3. Evidence of physical fitness to perform assigned duties and freedom from communicable disease
  4. State and federal tax forms
  5. If applicable, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Form I-9
  6. Signed Acknowledgement of Mandated Reporter Status form provided by DCFS and, if applicable, evidence that the individual completed mandated reporter training within one year of initial employment and at least every five years after that date (required by the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act, 325 ILCS 5/4)

Contact ISBE, the ROE, or Intermediate Service Center with questions. More information is on the ISBE website, Substitute Teacher License at: www.isbe.net/Pages/Educator-Licensure-Requirements.aspx.

District Responsibilities
  1. The Superintendent or designee maintains a list of all substitute teachers in the District Administrative Office.
  2. The Superintendent or designee verifies:
    1. Criminal background check results
    2. Appropriate license and registration
    3. References and employment verification

Additional Requirements and Procedures
  1. Board policy 4:175, Convicted Child Sex Offender; Criminal Background Check and/or Screen; Notification
  2. Administrative procedure 4:175-AP1, Criminal Offender Notification Laws; Screening
  3. Board policy 5:010, Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment
  4. Board policy 5:030, Hiring Process and Criteria
  5. Administrative procedure 5:030-AP2, Investigations
  6. Board policy 5:150, Personnel Records
Standard Duties of All Substitute Teachers
  1. Keep and leave a status report of lesson plans completed and leave a report of the group’s accomplishments.
  2. Manage all recording of assignments and grading during the time worked as outlined in the applicable collective bargaining agreement or duties for substitute teachers.
  3. Prepare plans for the following day’s work.
  4. Follow the regular teacher’s lesson plans.
  5. Leave the classroom and its equipment in order.
  6. Leave a note reporting any unusual experience with a student during the day.
  7. Hold as confidential any information concerning staff, parents, or students.
  8. Be consistent in dealing with others; emphasize the positive, yet be firm and sympathetic.
  9. When notified in time, arrive at least 20 minutes before the school period starts, and remain on duty at least 20 minutes after dismissal time.
  10. Check with the office when reporting for substitute duty, and check with the office before leaving to see if you will be needed the next day.
  11. If temporarily or permanently withdrawing from substitute work, so inform the District office.
  12. Report any issues you encounter to the Building Principal.
  1. The rate of pay for substitute teachers is established from time-to-time by the School Board.
  2. Substitute teachers are employed and paid for only days actually worked. Substitutes are not paid for holidays, vacation days, or days of illness.
Assignment Procedures

Substitute teachers will be called as needed from the office of the Building Principal. Only individuals who are on the substitute teacher list, as compiled by the Superintendent or designee, may be called for substitute work. Substitute teachers are given as much notice as possible; however, they may be called the morning they are needed.

Building-Level Responsibilities

The person arranging for a substitute teacher’s service shall provide each substitute with the information relevant to the service, for example:

  1. District map with locations of District schools indicated
  2. District and school building emergency procedures, location of emergency equipment, etc.
  3. School directory
  4. School calendar and handbook
  5. District student behavior policy and procedures


105 ILCS 5/10-20.68, 5/21B-20(2), 5/21B-20(3), 5/21B-20(4), and 5/24-5.

23 Ill. Admin. Code 1.790 (Substitute Teacher) and 25.520 (Substitute Teacher License)

Date Adopted:  January 23, 2018

Date Amended:  January 21, 2020