5:035-AP1 – Fair Labor Standards Act Exemptions

Important:  School officials should contact the Board Attorney for application of the Fair Labor Standards Act to specific situations.  The information contained in this procedure, and any information provided in the hyperlinks contained in it, should be confirmed with the Board Attorney before its applications to a specific situation.

FLSA Exemption Category Staff Positions
Non-covered persons Independent contractors, Volunteers/Trainees (e.g., student teachers) who: (1) receive academic credit for their work experience, (2) do not displace regular employees, (3) work under close supervision, and (4) are not entitled to a job at the end of their training
Executive employees Superintenden, tAssociate/Assistant Superintendents, Directors/Assistant Directors


Other department managers

Administrative employees Building Principals, Assistant Principals, Systems Analysts, Network Specialists, Work Station Tech’s, or Computer Programmers involved in obtaining solutions to complex business problems

Other certificated administrative staff

Professional employees Teachers, Counselors,Registered nurses

Media coordinators

Other non-supervising certificated staff

Non-exempt employees Secretaries, Receptionists, Bookkeepers


Maintenance workers

Teacher aides, paraprofessionals, and assistants

Date Adopted:    March 13, 2008

Date Amended:   May 21, 2014